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Rainbow Crow
Rainbow Crow
Xian-Teng Shan & Cai Yu-You / 0:06:32 / Taiwan / Animation / 2020
In ancient times, the earth is always warm and prosperous with life. Birds and beasts go through the green plain and luxuriant forests. One day, however, snow covers the earth all at once and the north wind blows without mercy. Rainbow Crows decide to find the Creator and beg to stop the snow.
11th CyBorg Film Festival(Italy), selected in ANIME section
T-short Animated Online Film Festival, Official Selection
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 202(Japan), selected in a non-competition program
Xian-Teng Shan & Cai Yu-You
Born in 1997 in France, Bertille Rondard has study illustration during 2 years in Paris before started an animation cursus at EMCA in Angoulême. She is now in the last year of her formation.
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