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TORQUE 6/20 sun 17:30-19:40
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Sarari Dorori
Sarari Dorori
Eiichi Takahashi / 0:09:52 / Japan / Drama / 2020
Minami Komoda lives in the city, away from her hometown. One morning, she receives a phone call and finds out that her grandmother has passed away. Minami doesn't have any funeral clothes…
Eiichi Takahashi
Born in Gifu Prefecture. Joined the directing department of Shinya Tsukamoto's films The Whistler and KOTOKO. Since then, he has been involved in the production of short films, music videos, advertisements, and event photography. 2011 His short film an incident won the Hokuto Prize at the 60-Second Cinema Competition. 2012 His short film HARIGANEMUSHI was selected for the 3rd O!iDO Film Festival. 2016 Short film April fish: Selected, Kyoto International Film Festival 2016, C・F section Selected and received Best Actress Award at SSFF & ASIA 2017 Japan Competition 2020 Short film MARIANDHI: Selected for the Ueda Castle Town Film Festival, 18th Independent Film Contest
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