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Asia International & Japan Program 1
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SpaceO 6/12 sat 13:30-15:20
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Online Grand Theater 6/11 fri- 6/21 mon
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Jing An Hung / 0:19:02 / Taiwan / Drama / 2019
Dalinpu, which has serious air pollution, is about to move to the village. Daughter Ayu and her father have been arguing about leaving or staying until a heavy rain hits one night, and the conflict reached its highest point.
2020 Asiana International Short Film Festival INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION
2020 Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur
2020 Kaohsiung Film Festival Short Film Competition
2021 Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films
Jing An Hung
A freelancer, Currently living in Taipei, Taiwan, I hope I can stop being such a loser
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