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Asia International & Japan Program 4
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Tsurezure Kankan
Tsurezure Kankan
Takashi Okado, Kedoin Yuki / 0:16:10 / Japan / Drama / 2021
"I'm pretty sure my brother won't show up at the wedding," says Kaho to her fiancé Noboru as they head to her house. He brushes it off with confidence, but when they arrive, Kaho's brother Seitaro turns out to be much quieter than he imagined. On top off that, the siblings suddenly get into an argument.
Takashi Okado, Kedoin Yuki
Born in 1988. Actor based in Tokyo,Japan. He studied acting at Watanabe Entertainment College He`s also working as a director, and in 2018, his short film "COCKROACH" won the top prize at SSFF & ASIA, an Academy Award-accredited film festival, and was selected and awarded at many film festivals in Japan and abroad. Kedoin was born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1987. In 2011, he was selected to play the role of a person with gender identity disorder who falls in love with a boy he grew up with in the stage production of Poolside Story. The performance received acclaim. He went on to act in Nueteki's production of Defile the Devil featuring Satoru Jitsunashi, where he played one of the three siblings. It won the Best Group Award. In film, he has acted in Moe Oki's The Manga Master which was selected for the Tokyo International Film Festival's Splash category. In the Netflix series The Naked Director by Masaharu Take, he played a porn actor. He also played the role of Momotaro in the DHC "Kibi Kibi Sanpo" commercial. Kedoin was selected as an overseas trainee for budding artists by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2020 and is preparing for a one-year acting training program in Canada
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