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Were the Sun and the Moon to Meet
Were the Sun and the Moon to Meet
Nadira Ilana / 0:14:44 / Malaysia / Drama / 2020
A pair of young lovers rendezvous as the sun sets on the coastal city of Kota Kinabalu. Elly reveals to that she is moving to Kuala Lumpur and as a final farewell, sings to Emory 'Terang Bulan', an Indonesian folk song that resembles the Malaysian national anthem.
Nadira Ilana
Nadira Ilana is a filmmaker and independent film programmer from Sabah, Borneo-Malaysia. In 2016, she founded Telan Bulan Films to support and produce indigenous and minority stories. She is an alumni of the Berlinale Talent Campus, SGIFF SEA Film Lab, Luang Prabang Talent Lab and B.I.G. NAFF Fantastic Film School.
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