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Wish on a cocktail
Wish on a cocktail
Shinya Kawakami / 0:17:33 / Japan / Drama / 2019
Hozumi is widower. He meets the Kondos at a bar, and is intrigued when they make a wish before drinking their hoppy cocktails. Hozumi decides to give it a shot. His wish? "I want to meet my wife on more time…"
Shinya Kawakami
He has directed many commercials and music videos, and won several awards both in Japan and abroad. His previous directing and screenwriting credits include KI-RYU, Canned Peaches, The Last Judgment, Wish Cocktail, Docking!, and GIFT. Kawakami's short films are being specially screened at UPLINK Kichijoji, and Deathly School Trip is streaming on smash.
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