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Yusef y Ramiro
Yusef y Ramiro
Bas van Est / 0:06:57 / Netherlands / Documentary / 2020
Among the colourful and crumbling Baroque facades of Havana’s old town, a group of young boys bet cigar cards on which of them can race to the street corner the quickest. One of them is Yusef Fernandez Perez. And for him, running would become the defining narrative of his life.
Madrid Indie Film Festival - Nominated
Indie Shorts Awards Cannes - Nominated
Best Director Award, London - Award winner
Bas van Est
Bas is a commercial and documentary photographer based out of Amsterdam. In 2019 he embarked on his two biggest projects to date. The first project, a co-directorship 'Everything is Temporary' premiered on Nowness in March 2020 'Yusef y Ramiro' becoming the second project in one year and his first solely directed documentary short film.
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