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2021/05/11 - 06/21
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I want to cry but I can't
I want to cry but I can't
/ 0:10:54 /Japan/PR / 2020
One day, a young woman depressed about her job watched an anime movie recommended by her friend called “A Whisker Away.” She wanted to be strong like the main character Muge, and found herself going to the setting of the anime in Aichi Prefecture to a city called Tokoname. She felt a familiarity in the world of the “naki neko” and was somehow soothed by the city. It became a journey of self-discovery. Tokoname became the city that was the catalyst to draw out a stronger self, much like Muge.
The Scent of My Hometown
The Scent of My Hometown
/ 0:08:07 /Japan/PR / 2020
“I returned to my hometown. Not for the holidays, but permanently.” I left Tokyo, and moved back to my hometown of Kamimine. While I was gone, my childhood friend had become a full-fledged adult… “I must be able to accomplish something too.” Through her conflicts with her father at the family-owned sake brewery and interactions with her childhood friend, the protagonist who reluctantly returned home gradually rediscovers the charms of her hometown Kamimine in this short film.
Flash! Minamishimabara News Agency (Special Edition)
Flash! Minamishimabara News Agency (Special Edition)
/ 0:26:49 /Japan/PR / 2021
This video was created as part of “Flash! Minamishimabara News Agency”, a weekend show that covers the latest information from Minamishimabara City. After many unexpected developments, this episode became a “Special Edition” and was ultimately uploaded on YouTube. A fictional commercial for a fictional news channel, combined with Ms. Hikari Mishima’s engaging portrayal of the quirky residents of Minamishimabara, made for an impactful 27-minute rendition of the wide array of attractions in the city.
Mie Summit
Mie Summit
/ 0:15:00 /Japan/PR / 2020
A short movie about the leaders of five areas that make up Mie Prefecture hold a summit in which they boast about their own areas. With a comedic touch, the tourism spots, nature, and food from all over Mie Prefecture are introduced.
Wakasa no miryoku wo tsutaetai kedo Yosanganee
Wakasa no miryoku wo tsutaetai kedo Yosanganee
/ 0:04:02 /Japan/PR / 2021
A job order to renew a tourism PR video of Wakasa Bay that was made some time ago came to a production company. An unsure director, a care free AD, a typical Producer, an easily frazzled Editor, and a worthless Intern. Not one of them has ever been to the Wakasa Bay region of Fukui Prefecture. There is no budget. In these conditions, can they really make a tourism PR video?
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