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SSFF & ASIA‘s Creators Support Project started worldwide-streaming 3 short films produced by Japanese Actress Ayame Goriki and Up and coming Filmmakers

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 Academy Awards qualifying and one of Asia’s largest international film festival, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia announced the starting of worldwide streaming of 3 short films which were produced by Japan’s up and coming  actress, Ayame Goriki and directed by filmmakers who were selected among SSFF & ASIA nominations, at the Screening in Autumn event.

 Ayame Goriki not only starred in the film, but was also involved from the planning stage, producing three short films that dramatically depict women’s lives, with themes such as “escape from men,” “single motherhood,” and “mask addiction.” These short films were made as “Creators Support Project”.

『The Egg and Ayako』 



“The Egg and Ayako” 

Directed & Written by Ayumi Omori

Starring:Ayame Goriki、Amane Okayama、Itsuki Nagasawa、Misa Wada、Tensai Tago


<Story>Ayako is a dance teacher for kids. She is pregnant with her x-boyfriend Eita’s baby.

When she had an ultrasound check- up and saw the embryo for the first time, she was powerfully moved by the sheer miracle and decided firmly to rise the baby on her own. Ayako has an on-going secret wish.



Directed, Written and Edited by Hiroki Inoue

Starring: Ayame Goriki Taishi Matsumoto、Shuntaro Yanagi、Kazuyuki Matsuzawa, Yorie Yamashita,

Mari Nishio

16min /Japan /Suspense ・Thriller

<Story>Yoko, whose real name is Kanako, lives and works in a family-owned factory in a small town. She works with the owner’s son Seiji who has a crush on her. She is content with the ordinary but peaceful life. She is on the run from her extremely abusive husband Naoto who always locates her wherever she goes, and one day, Naoto shows up and insists that they get back together again. After Kanako refuses him, unsettling incidents start to occur around her. Kanako assumes it is all Naoto’s doing, and she decides to give up her happy life she finally got to protect Seiji. It is a suspense story of a woman who struggles against her cruel fate.



Written & Directed by Hiroki Horanai

Starring: Ayame Goriki, Erisa Yanagi, Yuumi Goto

15min/Japan/Suspense ・Mystery

<Story>When Kumi wears a mask, she looks a lot like a famous actress Maiko Eriya. One day, a photo of Kumi is published in a magazine as Maiko. A friend eggs on Kumi to disguise as Maiko and starts an Instagram account. As Kumi keeps posting on suggestive photos on Instagram, the account is suspected as a secret account of Maiko and it goes viral. Then, Kumi is summoned to come to Maiko’s agency and…

Ayame Goriki

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1992. Worked as an exclusive model for the magazine “SEVENTEEN” from 2008 to 2013. In 2011, she made her full-fledged debut as an actress with “You Taught Me Everything Is Important” (CX). Since then, she has been working widely in dramas, movies, commercials, TV program MCs, etc. In 2020, Goro Inagaki will star in the stage play “No. 9-Immortal Melody-,” she became a hot topic with her passionate performance as the heroine Maria. “The Great Detective of Joshi Okoji” starring the actress is scheduled to be released on October 13, 2023

Ayumi Omori

Ayumi Omori graduated from Tama Art University. She currently works as a film director specialized in advertisement for AOI Pro. Inc.

She directed the short films “Spring” and “Ritsuko & Ken-chan”.

Notable Awards



– Shimokitazawa Film Festival Grand Prix

– Ueda Castle Town Film Festival Grand Prix

– Fukui Film Festival Short Film Grand Prix

– Obuse Short Film Festival Grand Prix

Hiroki Inoue

Debuted as a director with the movie “Panic 4ROOMS” in 2009.

Directed and wrote the screenplay for the 2017 omnibus horror film “Kaiika,” starring Mayu Hotta.

The short film “Igu” received strong reviews both domestically and internationally, including winning the Best Actress Award in the Japan category of the “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2018.”

Other films include “A Witch’s Yearning” from the 3rd CINEMA FIGHTERS PROJECT omnibus movie “At That Moment, I Wanted to Cry,” the theatrically released movies “New Graduate Pomodoro” and “Key,” among others. In charge of script and direction.

At the 52nd Rotterdam International Film Festival, the director’s live-action VR movie “Nagisa Ate” was officially screened, and his new movie “Unquenchable Light” will be released in theaters this October.

Hiroki Horanai

Born in Japan, 1985.

Aspired to become a director after watching James Cameron’s “Titanic.”

In addition to winning the SSFF & ASIA Cinematic Tokyo category for “Tokyo Comet” in 2018, “GHOSTING” (“At that moment, I wanted to cry -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-“), “Samurai Swordfish” and others.



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