SSFF & ASIA 2023 Awards Program 3-Footprints of That Person



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tokyo photographic art museum2023.10.19 [Thu] 18:50 - 20:40
tokyo photographic art museum2023.10.21 [Sat] 16:30 - 18:00
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    Margaret Gallagher is real

    In a speculative timeline where the climate crisis was forced to tipping point, causing a planetary reaction which changed the way we see the world, Margaret Gallagher still lives 'off-grid' like she has done her entire life. She talks of the Internet and the ever-worsening weather as we see a glimpse of the blueprint to a way of life that may save us from the end of the world.

    Josh Spindler / 0:40 / United Kingdom / /

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    Soldiers who live alone with their mother, cannot take care of their mother because of the big task that they have to protect the country, and there are some that are blinds and don't want their mothers to know about their suffering.

    Armin Pourmohammad / 0:04:58 / Iran / /

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    George Lucas Award(Grand Prix)/ Animation Competition Best Short Award

    The Bridge

    The film’s inspired by events of the year 1920 that’d brought two nations closer: Poland and Japan. The story is told from a 10-year-old boy’s perspective, showing the history of orphans who lost their families and had to rush into manhood to fight for their lives.

    Izumi Yoshida / 0:22:30 / Poland / Animation / 2022

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    Live-action Competition Japan Best Short Award/Governor of Tokyo Award


    A love story based on Ryunosuke Akutagawa's short story "The Nose." Tatsuya, a man afflicted with a nose complex, meets Fumi, a reclusive woman with an eye patch. Both burdened with their emotional scars, the two find themselves drawn to each other.

    Shinji Hamasaki / 0:23:37 / Japan / Drama / 2022

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    Creators' Award


    Things that we thought were gone may not truly leave us ? perhaps they are still with us somehow. Life is full of ups and downs. Death is a natural part of life.

    Step Cheung, Ng Kai Chung / 0:09:25 / Hong kong / Animation / 2022

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    Live-action Competition International Best Short Award

    Beyond Teruel

    A shepherd who wants to leave his village and a young photographer who seeks to unearth the traces of the past travel together in an old van through the corners of a forgotten province.

    Manuel Omonte / 0:23:00 / Spain / Drama / 2022


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