SSFF & ASIA 2023 Awards Program 4-Who is the Enemy!?



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tokyo photographic art museum2023.10.20 [Fri] 13:00 - 14:30
tokyo photographic art museum2023.10.22 [Sun] 11:00 - 12:30
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    See You Later

    In 2019, I lost my father to illness. My world was turned upside down; and I lost myself for years. He would always say to not use “bye” to end a conversation. To instead say “See you later”. We always did that, but the final time I ever spoke to him, I was busy and the last thing I said to him was “Ok”. I will never get to say another thing to him, but I’ve finally been able to forgive myself

    Ryan Simpson / 0:35 / United States of America / /

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    Uncle Pon-Pon

    Uncle Pon-Pon (as he is called by the people who knows him well), lives alone in a small room and works as a part time driver for a public transport called ”Jeepney”. He is mostly quiet but friendly and speaks with a rough deep voice. He wants to continue schooling even at his age believing that this next steps will change his life and be better from the current situation he is in now.

    DARWIN MATIAS / 3:50 / Philippines / /

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    Live-action Competition Asia International Best Short Award/Governor of Tokyo Award

    Giddh (The Scavenger)

    An old man is compelled to choose an unlikely means of earning a morsel, his hunger is fulfilled but soon his guilt catches up to create a dilemma.

    Manish Saini / 0:24:28 / India / Drama / 2022

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    Audience Award (Live-action Competition Japan)

    Tiger Cave

    A story of a lonely man with motifs from Hamlet and Sangetsuki. One day, The man hears a mysterious voice.

    Mansai Nomura / 0:23:50 / Japan / Fantasy / 2023

    mature Mature Content:
    These films may include sexual and/or violent content.

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    Save the Earth! Minister's Award, the Ministry of the Environment

    Desert Lights

    In the middle of Atacama desert, Antay(12) sees his town disappearing due to the drought. Alongside his friends and their football team, they will try to hang on to the last sunrays, their childhood fragments and the ties with those who still resist.

    Katherina Harder / 0:18:56 / Chile / Drama / 2022

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    Directed by Raymond Red, one of the jurors at TIFF and a pioneer of Philippine cinema, Cannes Film Festival Palme d'Or winner!


    • Special Screening

    A poor church photographer is taunted by an evil being outside a church. Later, he wanders into the harsh realities of life in the city of old Manila. His camera is stolen by a kid. He encounters intimidation in his search for the kid and goes through other misadventures

    Raymond Red / 0:12:37 / Philippines / Drama / 2000


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