Official Competition Japan Award Winner 『born, bone, boon』

Official Competition Japan Award Winner 『born, bone, boon』

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Director's Comment ; Official Competition Japan Award Winner『born, bone, boon』


Official Competition Japan Award Winner 『born, bone, boon』

born, bone, boon/25:00/Japan/Comedy/2016


Director: Gori

Q1 Comment on Award Winning

For my 3rd time submitting to the festival, I finally won an award. This is my 10th short film, and this win has encouraged me to work on my next project. If the opportunity arises, I would like to continue submitting my films to this festival. Please look forward to my next project!


Q2 What’s the highlight of your film?

In the olden days, there was a “Senkotsu” culture around Asia. You probably don’t want to see bones being washed from bodies that have already become mummies. However, I figured out why they were doing “Senkostu” and what it was for. That’s why I started making “born, bone, boon.” I’m a comedian in Japan, so I didn’t want to make it too serious, but I had to express the culture without insulting it. I asked the actors and actresses to express their inner personalities, which made the characters peculiar but lovely. For this festival, the run time limit for short films was 25 minutes. I loved all the scenes in this film, so the editing process wasn’t easy.


Q3 Why did you decide to submit your film to SSFF & ASIA? What is the purpose of submmitting your film to film festivals?

All filmmakers are inspired by cinema, and I want to express that in my films. I also feel so happy when audiences are excited about my film, and it encourages me to be confident. I want to be more confident and for audiences to recognize my work. I guess these are the reasons as to why I submit to film festivals. Submitting films to festivals and winning awards is not for self-satisfaction. It’s more about the want for people to recognize your efforts. Making films can spark confidence in people. Talking about money is a little taboo, but I’m considering a budget increase for my next project. When you’re able to gain people’s trust, you can get a solid budget to make films. This is the reason I’m able to submit to competitions.