SSFF & ASIA 2023 Awards Program 5-Story Around Chigau (Difference)



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tokyo photographic art museum2023.10.20 [Fri] 14:50 - 16:30
tokyo photographic art museum2023.10.22 [Sun] 12:50 - 14:20
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    This video tells about how we perceive the importance of our lives. The author tries to convince the audience that, although we like to think about ourselves as generous, we don't give what is most important: a safe and bright future. We are just being convenient instead. The author would hope to inspire why it is of the highest importance to take steps to help our planet for the future generation.

    Wojciech Koszyk / 0:40 / Poland / /

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    Fading Shades

    FADING SHADES -A Short film made in a new genre called ”POEM VIDEO”. This story portraits the struggle of a perturbed man, who is fond of make-up and dressing up. But he's afraid of Society, which mocks him. After facing his fears, he decides to stand up against the gender biased formula of society, conveying the significance of gender neutral costumes and makeup for all, as well as the politics surrounding gender neutrality.

    Arun Yoganathan / 0:04:30 / India / /

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    Most Viewed Award


    One evening a shy suburban Tokyo high school student, Odeko, meets a tearful Kuma dressed in drag in a park.?
    As their earnest friendship develops, Kuma's struggle to live confidently with himself changes Odeko's timidity as well.?

    Ken Ochiai / 0:15:00 / Japan / Drama / 2023

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    Perfect Strangers

    Uta's life takes a sudden turn when her father reveals that her mother is alive. Determined to find her, she heads to Shinjuku only to be rejected. At a loss, Uta wanders the streets, meets a girl, and learns about her mother's secret through this encounter.

    Daisuke Kamijyo / 0:25:00 / Japan / Drama / 2022

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    Shibuya Diversity Award

    Margot’s Sister

    Margot, a pre-teen who struggles to find acceptance at school is challenged by the arrival of her intellectually disabled sister in the after-school program. Margot initially struggles to keep her worlds separated but an event soon leads her to re-evaluate her position.

    Christine Doyon / 0:17:00 / Canada / Drama / 2022

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    A short film directed by Ryutaro Nakagawa, from "My (K)Night", officially invited to the TIFF Gala Selection!

    Leave Behind

    • Special Screening

    Momoe is a web designer, Ryusei is a chef, both live in Machida. When Momoe has to move out of the town because of her job, she started to remember her memory with this town. The last days in the town, what will we leave and for what will we live.

    Ryutaro Nakagawa / 0:21:00 / Japan / Drama /


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