Asiana International Short Film Festival (AISFF) Program from Korea

ITSCOM / 6/21 Thu 17:50-19:40


Byung-ki Jang/22:01/Korea/Drama/2017

Hyo-seon is diagnosed with early menopause. Her son Jinsu asks her to buy a MacBook, but only an old cow can provide money for the household.

Busan Peace Film Festival 2017 (Korea) - Special Jury Award

Director : Byung-ki Jang

Mac-boogie is Byung-Ki Jang's first film. His inspiration came from his mother, and coming to the realization that everytime he nagged her to buy him something, she truly had to give "something" up for him.

ITSCOM / 6/21 Thu 17:50-19:40