Advance Reservations

You can reserve tickets in advance through the ticket buying platform “Peatix”. Choose the desired programs from the “schedule” page and reserve tickets on the Peatix site.

*Please be sure to contact us from the Peatix site in the case of cancelling after making a reservation. If there are guests who do not attend despite tickets being sold out, there will be empty seats. Because it is free, we are hoping for many people to enjoy this event. We request everyone’s cooperation.

*We will be accepting advance reservations until 23:59 on the day before the event. We will stop accepting them when the available number of tickets have been allocated.
*Seats will be provided for those who reserved in advance, but please note that if you do not exchange your confirmation code for a numbered ticket 5 minutes before the screening begins, your reservation will be cancelled.
*We often receive inquiries about reserving the wrong program, so please make reservations carefully.


About Numbered Tickets

For each program, seats will be provided for those who have reserved tickets. Guests will be admitted in order of the numbered ticket they receive. Be sure to only enter upon exchanging your confirmation code for a numbered ticket at the reception desk.

Numbered tickets for all programs will be distributed at each venue 20 minutes before the first screening of the scheduled day. Please be aware that advance reservations for free programs will be cancelled if your confirmation code is not exchanged for a numbered ticket 5 minutes before the start of the screening. Tickets are valid for one program only. There are no allocated seats.

*Furthermore, Salon members do not need reservations or a numbered ticket and have priority admission.


Same Day Tickets

If you are unable to reserve online, tickets will also be available on the day of the screening. These tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis starting 20 minutes before the first screening of that day.

If tickets sell out in advance, we won’t be able to offer same day tickets, but we will provide waiting tickets.

*Tickets sold on the day of the screening will be limited to one person per program.
* The number of tickets are limited. Please acknowledge that once the available number of tickets have been distributed, we will no longer be taking reservations.
* Depending on circumstances, there is a possibility that you will not be admitted with a same day ticket. Therefore, we recommend reserving in advance.


Entry will open 10 minutes before screenings begin. Please line up at the designated waiting area as entry will be called in order of numbered tickets.

*If you are not in line when we open entrance, your number will be skipped. In that case, please kindly wait until the queue has been attended to and we will guide you in afterwards.

Short Shorts Salon

Short Shorts are currently recruiting people who absolutely love short films to be club members! Only Salon members are granted privileges before, during and after the festival. Before the Festival

Only Salon members can make advanced reservations for popular events and programs in advance. Reservation Dates Available: April 17th - April 30th, Ticket Notification: May 2nd (to be fixed)

Programs Included
Cinema FightersProgram
A&J Program
Events Not Included

Screening and Award Presentation of the "Kawagoe City Short Film Award"
LiLiCo’s Event (official name to be fixed)
Screening of Student Program and Talk Session Andaz Salon

During the Festival Priority Admission Only Salon members are admitted to screenings without reservation except for certain venues and programs.


Venues Included

Andaz Tokyo Andaz Studio
Shidax Culture Hall
Roppongi Hills Café

Programs Not Included

Cinema Fighters Program
A&J Program (Events)
All events are not included.

Ceremony Invitation

Only Salon members will be invited to exclusive ceremonies.

Attendance Application Dates
Opening Ceremony: April 1
th - Award Ceremony: April 17th – June 10th

Benefits of Becoming a Salon Member

You will be given official Short Shorts goods. You get priority admission.

Out of the Festival

Advance Screening
Only Salon members receive free admission to special events and screenings.

For More Information