Programs of Competitions

The short film that wins the Grand Prix will become eligible for nomination for the Annual Academy Awards® the following year.

International Program

A program that screens short films from every corner of the world, with the exception of Asia and Japan.

Asia International & Japan Program

A program that presents short films from throughout Asia including Japan.

Save the Earth! Program supported by RINREI

This is the program showing "Save the Earth! Competition supported by RINREI". This competition was launched with the Ministry of the Environment (Japan) in 2008. It gathers a wide variety of films that approach environmental issues and offer enlightening ideas about protecting the environment through the medium of film.

CG Animation Program

The CG program, which began screening in 2011, offers the audience a chance to enjoy fully computer generated animation shorts. These top quality films are fun for adults as well as children.

Cinematic Tokyo Program

We will show movies from “Cinematic Tokyo,” which was founded in 2017. There will be short films introducing the various charms of Tokyo.

Music Program

This is the program showing movies from Music Short Competition, established in 2009 and from Music Video Competition, established in 2016. We will offer short films featuring music that you can enjoy.

Nonfiction Program supported by Yahoo Japan Corporation

  • NON FICTION-1Non Fiction Competition-1
    supported by
    Yahoo Japan Corporation
  • NON FICTION-2Non Fiction Competition-2
    supported by
    Yahoo Japan Corporation
  • NON FICTION-3Non Fiction Competition-3
    supported by
    Yahoo Japan Corporation

VR Shorts Program

Branded Shorts Program

Special Programs

Unlike Competition programs that show works selected by submissions, we select short films and develop special programs by putting the focus on the theme and countries of production. There are collaborative programs which work with cinema festivals from overseas.

  • ACADEMYAcademy Awards® Program
  • CANNESSpecial Program from Cannes
  • FRANCEFrench Film Festival 2018~ Short Film Selection
  • KIDSKIDS Program
  • W&P 1War and the Power to Live Program
    supported by Red Cross 1
  • W&P 2War and the Power to Live Program
    supported by Red Cross 2
  • DIVERSITYShibuya Diversity Program
  • FASHIONFashion Shorts Program
  • MYSELFBe Myself Program
  • YOURSELFBe Yourself Program
  • KOREAAsiana International Short Film Festival (AISFF)Program from Korea
  • TAIWANKaohsiung Film Festival Program from Taiwan

Events & Seminars

  • IBARAKIScreening and Award Presentation of "Ibaraki Short Film Award"
  • KAWAGOEScreening and Award Presentation of "Kitemiru Kawagoe Short Film Award"
  • STUDENTScreening and Talk Event for the Student Competition.
  • SEMINARSSFF & ASIA × Nara International Film Festival Collaboration Project Cinevision:Lesson #1 Naomi Kawase × Marianne Slot
  • SALONAndaz Cinema Salon
  • SWEDENSwedish Event
  • CANDLE NIGHTCandle Night 2018 at Zojoji
  • SPECIALTeam MANRIKI presents: The Future Map of Short Films
  • BRANDED EVENT 1The Power of Storytelling
  • BRANDED EVENT 2Nestlé Theater DAY
  • BRANDED EVENT 3"The Allure of Short Film" powered by Nestlé Japan
  • BRANDED EVENT 4Talk Event & Award Ceremony