Official Competition supported by Sony

we are happy to collaborate with Sony as a sole supporter of the official competition, which acts as a path to the Academy Awards® Short Film category. Sony has long supported the dreams of creators as an entertainment company powered by the latest technology.

International Program

A program that screens short films from every corner of the world, with the exception of Asia and Japan. Introducing 35 short films from 22 different countries and regions selected from 2282 submissions. 5 films are also invited as special screenings.

Asia International & Japan Program

A program that presents short films from throughout Asia including Japan. 23 short films from 14 different Asian countries and regions excluding Japan, selected out of 639 submissions.
Introducing 27 Japan short films selected from 435 submissions.

Competition Programs

Non-Fiction Program

In 2018, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of SSFF & ASIA, we established the brand new "Non-fiction Competition."Being an Academy Awards® accredited short film festival has allowed us to present this competition, which will let the audience experience the power of visual images.

Animation Program

The Animation program, offers the audience a chance to enjoy all kind of animated shorts. These top quality films are fun for adults as well as children.

【ONLINE 6/4〜】Smartphone Film Competition supported by Sony’s Xperia

This year's new competiton to gather short films from around the world that were shot on smartphones. The short films from all over signal the arrival of the era smartphone cinematography. Enjoy the new visual expression unique to shooting on smartphones.

【ONLINE 5/19〜】Cinematic Tokyo Program

Founded in 2017, the "Cinematic Tokyo” program showcases short films introducing the various charms of Tokyo.

U-25 Project

Established in 2019. In order to support young filmmakers in Japan, we called for short films of less than 5 minutes, produced by directors under 25 years old.


BRANDED SHORTS International Competition

A competition that combines short films and advertising that features branded companies or organizations overseas to promote their products and/or activities.

BRANDED SHORTS National Competition

A competition that combines short films and advertising that features branded companies or organizations in Japan to promote their products and/or activities.

BRANDED SHORTS HR Competition supported by Indeed

Category of films selected from among the branded movies with the perspective that leads to recruitment.

Visual Tourism Award

Since 2012, SSFF & ASIA has awarded the "Visual Tourism Award Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner's Award" to a tourism promotion short film with elements of creativity, publicity, and trends. For this 11th edition, five films were selected as finalists from among those submitted to the BRANDED SHORTS Competition. One of the finalists will be awarded at the festival in June with the Tourism Agency Commissioner's Award for the Visual Tourism Award.

Special Programs

【ONLINE 5/19〜】Shibuya Diversity Program

Shibuya City has established a basic concept which highlights its future. The aim is to fully establish a global city by developing the concept: “Shibuya--- turning differences into strengths”. Shibuya City has collaborated with SSFF & ASIA and will present an award to a short film which promotes diversity and inclusion to spread the basic concept of Shibuya. This program will screen all nominated films, as well as the awarded film. Shibuya welcomes people from all around the world to come and enjoy life, understand each other, and live together in harmony to promote turning differences into strengths for the city's future. Let’s make Shibuya together!

【ONLINE 6/4〜】War and the Power to Live Program supported by Red Cross

Wars and other situations of violence ruin many people’s lives all over the world, even in the COVID pandemic.
We the Red Cross have seen many conflicts start and escalate in recent years, like what the world is witnessing in Ukraine; but too few of them end, and in each one it is the civilian populations that bear the consequences. People are losing their loved ones as well as a peaceful state of mind. Regardless of where we live, in conflict or in peace, we share the same values for human dignity; sitting down for a meal, chatting with family and friends and spending time with your lover.
By projecting those struggling with various types of hardships in this program, we would like you to get to know how they live. Then think about what you can do first to help people around you, and what peace brings and means to you. Let's spread a sense of caring, peace and tranquility to the world! In doing so, we can contribute to the "Power to Live" of all mankind.

【ONLINE 5/26〜】Ladies for Cinema Project

This program is here to encourage all female filmmakers, showing the strong will and unique perspectives of women.

【ONLINE 5/5〜】Focus on Japan Special Program

Selected works by four directors who are highly acclaimed both from Japan and abroad will be screened. What is the message they want to convey through human relationships? A rich selection of genres including drama, animation, and vertical short films.

【ONLINE 5/5〜】KIDS Program

Experience the world through short films!
Centered on non-dialogue works, this program will draw both adults and children in.

【ONLINE 6/7~】Discover Beauty Program

With “Discover Beauty,” as the theme, we will host a symposium focusing on the Ainu culture as part of “beauty" in Japan as well as screening short films that focus on the beauty of other cultures depicting "indigenous people" and "local festivals" around the world.

Okinawa Program

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the return of Okinawa's administrative authority to Japan on May 15 this year, Yomiuri Land will hold Okinawa WEEK! In collaboration with this event, we will present a program of short films that are set in or feature Okinawa as a theme.

"DOOR™" Theater supported by NTT Program

The world's best short films and VR SHORTS, which have won awards at film festivals around the world, will be simultaneously delivered in a 3D venue. Please experience this year's theme, "Meta Cinema - Transcend, Discover, Begin" at DOOR!

【ONLINE 5/26〜】Game Movie Program

Selected screenings of animation shorts created using game engines and films adapted from the world of games.

Japanese Filmmakers on the Rise

Who will be the next Ryusuke Hamaguchi? Featuring short films by some of the hottest SSFF & ASIA nominated filmmakers who have been garnering attention at home and abroad!

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