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VenueAKASAKA INTERCITY CONFERENCE CENTER2022.06.13 [Fri] 17:30 – 19:30
VenueOnline Screening2022.05.12 [Thu] –
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    Heineken launches a new campaign, made for markets opening following the lifting of pandemic restrictions. The campaign entitled, A Lockdown Love Story, is an emotive and optimistic short film that looks ahead to all the new experiences and opportunities that will be unlocked as bars reopen and the world eventually emerges from the pandemic.


    Show Yanagisawa / 0:02:20 / Netherlands / Branded Movie / 2021

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    A New Awakening

    “What does Spring look like in the outside world?” The protagonist had always wondered about this since she was a kid. She uses her senses to deepen her understanding of self and the world around her and finally realizes that there’s a way to embrace Spring and to explore the unknown ? and that is by tuning into your inner curiosity.

    【Agency】BBH China
    【Production】The Eye Advertising and Films

    Derek Tsang / 0:06:35 / China / Branded Movie / 2021

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    Beautiful Run

    The beautiful film tells a story of a young girl with disabled leg who decided to run in a marathon to earn medical funds for her seriously ill father. She is symbolistic of people who may lack almost everything but know the values of the only thing they have and try their best to protect it. Her gratitude towards her father led to her winning the marathon ? ultimately making the impossible possible.

    【Client】Charoen Pokphand Group (C.P. Group)
    【Agency】Ogilvy Group Thailand
    【Production】Sunshine Etcetera Co., Ltd.

    / 0:06:30 / Thailand / Branded Movie / 2021

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    ‘Birders’ is the story of a young girl named Yara who is extremely inquisitive and full of life. One day, the girl's mother leaves her in the care of her slightly grumpy grandfather who seems to have retreated to solitude.

    【Agency】Publicis Conseil
    【Production】Superette Film

    Sean Meehan / 0:03:51 / France / Branded Movie / 2022

  • Online

    Calling Attendance

    The film had to pack an emotional punch to cut through.
    It also had to work across many different cultures, languages and regions, because our audience was a group of disparate world leaders.
    We hit upon a device that is recognized everywhere - the school roll call, where a teacher reads out kids names in the classroom. But when the children answer ‘here’, they’re in horrifying places.

    【Client】Education Above All
    【Agency】Across the Pond
    【Production】Across the Pond

    Nathan Long / 0:01:34 / International / Branded Movie / 2021

  • Online

    Holiday: Saving Simon

    A story that feels like a charming holiday children’s book, brought to life through the lens of iPhone 13 Pro. When a little girl sees that her snowman is melting at the end of winter, she rushes to save him and puts him in her family’s freezer, to keep him going through the warmer months. Over the next 12 months she saves the snowman from all manner of disasters. Finally winter comes, she and her family bring the little snowman outside and plant him at the end of their walkway. That’s when a little kid who rides his bike by their house accidentally pulverizes the poor little snowman to powder. Just when we think all is lost, her family rallies around her, scooping up pieces to rebuild him. She’s kept the holiday spirit alive all year, and it’s changed them.

    【Agency】TBWA\Media Arts Lab
    【Production】Bob Industries

    Jason Reitman, Ivan Reitman / 0:03:00 / USA / Branded Movie / 2021

  • Online

    How Homemade is Made

    A film that imagines what would happen if someone exploited a sweet, innocent mom’s signature homemade short ribs and sold them on a mass scale. This classic tale unfolds in a dreamlike narrative that wildly escalates before returning to reality, where it reiterates that no one can deliver your mom’s short ribs?that’s why Instacart just delivers the ingredients.

    【Agency】Goodby Silverstein & Partners
    【Production】Reset Content

    Ian Pons Jewell / 0:02:30 / USA / Branded Movie / 2021

  • Online

    Keep on Fallin’

    It turns out that one out of three clumsy French people doesn’t necessarily think of bringing their smartphone to a repair shop when it’s damaged. That is an incredibly low number, especially when you know that extending the life of a smartphone by one single year reduces its carbon footprint by 30%.

    That’s why Bouygues Telecom, the French telco, has created Sustainable Smartphone Solutions for its clients to extend the lives of their smartphones. It is a program built around four propositions: trade-in, recycling, refurbished smartphones, and repair. Any Bouygues Telecom subscriber will be able to repair its smartphone at a discount rate up to two times per year.

    【Client】Bouygues Telecom
    【Agency】BETC Paris

    VELLAS / 0:01:09 / France / Branded Movie / 2021

  • Online

    Love Leads to Good

    The film is anchored on the narrative of a Mexican-American boxer and his mother as he grows from an emotionally volatile child to a resilient and empathetic Olympic champion. We’re also introduced to other characters including a parapalegic basketball player as well as a tennis protégé who both overcome adversity to transform into compassionate and confident competitors.

    【Agency】Wieden & Kennedy - Portland

    Miles Jay / 0:02:30 / USA / Branded Movie / 2021

  • Online

    One Crisis Has Caused Another

    2 out of 5 critical care workers in the UK are suffering from PTSD as a result of the pandemic. It’s a terrible statistic. This commercial seeks to show that reality, and encourage people to give their support.

    【Production】Academy Films

    Novemba / 0:02:00 / UK / Branded Movie / 2021

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