SSFF & ASIA 2022 Special Selection 4 - Family's Love

SS 4


Venue Schedule Reservation
VenueTOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC ART MUSEUM2022.10.21 [Fri] 17:00 - 18:40
VenueTOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC ART MUSEUM2022.10.22 [Sat] 19:00 - 20:40
VenueOnline Screening2022.09.29 [Thu] - 2022.10.23 [Sun]
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    Shibuya Diversity Award

    Room without sound

    A room in an old apartment. The delivery man knocks on the door to deliver a package, but there is no reply.
    Things are scattered all over the quiet room. The daughter is lying on the floor. The mother is sitting on the balcony and staring into the distance.

    Takayuki Nakama / 0:13:09 / Japan / Drama / 2021

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    Smartphone Film Competition supported by Sony’s Xperia Best Short Award


    Nikolai's died. A good man, a son, a husband, a friend, a neighbour. Everybody loved him, but at the wake it turns out that no one knew him indeed.

    Olga Azhnakina / 0:08:08 / Russia / Drama / 2020

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    Deloitte Digital Award

    The Wish

    A wish list becomes the plea of a generation, when a teenage boy asks his mother what she wants for Christmas, and she answers in the most unusual way: “I wish for you to get your youth back” ? along with all the ups and downs of growing up. She wishes for everything her son so deeply missed, during two years of the pandemic and hard restrictions of social life.

    Christoph Everk, Alexander Nagel / 0:03:49 / Germany / /

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    Best Actor Award (International Competition)


    A breakdown on the way to the airport provides a father and son with an opportunity to reconnect.

    Saleh Saadi / 0:15:00 / Palestine / Drama / 2020

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    After roaming the streets of his neighbourhood one morning, Malcolm, a troubled and somewhat delinquent teen, decides to steal a pair of sunglasses from the local shops ? an act that is later revealed to be part of a much bigger plan.

    Ismail Khan / 0:11:15 / Australia / Drama / 2021

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    Audience Award (International Competition)

    In Dreams

    The daughter of a single father keeps mysteriously disappearing every time she falls asleep.

    Pete Riski / 0:14:37 / Finland / Drama / 2021

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    National Competition Branded Shorts of the Year


    Withdrawn since her mother’s death, Mai spends her days playing online games and sleeping. Concerned, her father seeks advice.

    GAZEBO / 0:21:54 / Japan / /


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