The award results for SSFF & ASIA 2023

George Lucas Award(Grand Prix)

The Bridge

Izumi Yoshida

The story, which is delicately and carefully told in an original animation style, has the power to draw in the viewers. It’s a film that I’d like have many people see, especially now at a time where many people are concerned about the future..

The Bridge

Live-action Competition

International Competition Best Short Award

Beyond Teruel

Manuel Omonte

There is goodness in the simple setting as the story begins with a chance encounter. The underlying themes lie under the broad, obvious theme. A story emerges out of the slow accumulation of time, and although told sparingly, you can grasp the past and the inner thoughts of the characters, making it is a very interesting short film.

Beyond Teruel

– Maki Sakai(Actor)
The problems & themes that each country and the world in general faces beyond national borders that are vividly expressed with depth & force in short films. In every film, there are people who live their lives to the fullest in a variety of environments. The award-winning work “Beyond Teruel” was interesting because it didn’t explain everything too much and wasn’t too neatly put together, giving us a real glimpse into the lives of the characters. Also, the director’s development of “Datsun” is wonderful, and the boy’s sense of immediacy and sadness brought tears to my eyes.

– Masato Hagiwara(Actor)
There were many films in which children were impressively depicted and the children were all strong and made us expect that the next generation would have a bright future. On the other hand, there were films that made you see & feel the problems of the real world. “Off Side” is a film where all the characters are adorable and the energy of the actors is overwhelming. I was especially overwhelmed by her mother’s acting and her performance had such an impact that I couldn’t get out of my head. The award-winning work “Beyond Teruel” left you with a completely different impression in the beginning and the end. Stories are born out of nothing, but that’s how life is. I felt the courage it takes to face being alone in the limited running time, and the last was sublime.

– Satoko Yokohama(Film director / screenwriter)
The actors in all the films are wonderful, each with their own unique rawness, and I could see them as people who really lived in the stories. In addition, the high level of cinematography, the selection of locations, the work of the art departments, etc., and the lack of compromise in everything that was reflected in each scene was astonishing. In “Beyond Teruel,” the simple conversation of the main character when he meets his relative and the songs sung at the dinner table reminded me of a scene from my hometown. The scene where it started to rain was also wonderful and all the scenes were unforced. Also, “Eternal Happiness” was very good at visual storytelling in a short time. I really liked the unsettled and unstable expression that the main character showed us at random moments.

Asia International Competition Best Short Award/Governor of Tokyo Award

Giddh (The Scavenger)

Manish Saini

Beautiful visuals, images unique to the country and an universal message, well-balanced in every aspect. Although it is not a bright, happy theme, it is a film that will move the hearts of people around the world with excellent acting and touches of comedy.

Giddh (The Scavenger)

– Adam Torel(Producer/Distributor)
A wonderful mix of genres, production styles and cultures, all rendered to a high standard. It was a lineup that gave a glimpse of how many up-and-coming directors are tackling various problems in their own countries as filmmakers. ‘Adjustment’ is an important story from a very conservative society, resonating with all cultures, beautifully shot and edited with sophistication. The award-winning work “The Scavenger” was a film that depicted a solid story in an easy-to-understand manner with comedic touches, making full use of images and rhythm.

– Daishi Matsunaga(Film director)
I was very happy to see a film that, while being a short film, had the power to draw the viewer into the world of cinema. I watched all the films with great interest. As juror I especially paid special attention to the director’s work with the actors. “Scavenger” is a wonderful film that lovingly and at times painfully portrayed through the main character. the compelling reality that a person cannot feed his stomach with what he carrie son his back in order to survive. “The House of Brick and Stone” is also very well made and the actors on the screen were living in that world so much that I thought it was a documentary.

– MEGUMI(Actor, Producer)
All the films were beautiful and high-quality visually and I was very moved by the strong messages of the creators. The stories’ wonderful beginning, develoment, and conclusions expressed in roughly 20 minutes. “Silkworm” is brilliant in incorporating various modern problems such as corona, localization, poverty, etc., into a story with an element of mystery. “Scavenger” is a work that can only be done in India, where death exists closer to people than for us. The main character, an old man, did a splendid performance with just his movements and facial expressions without saying a word, and the beautiful images that make you feel the hot and colorful India were wonderful.

Japan Competition Best Short Award/Governor of Tokyo Award


Shinji Hamasaki

The delicate performances of the two actors expressed a realistic yet fantasy feel, and the balance between sadness and humor was exquisite. A film that expresses modern Japan with care and sensitivity. This is a film that we want to send out to the world.


– Yayako Uchida(Essayist)
I was overwhelmed by the creators who were able to develop such colorful worlds in an extremely short film of 5 minutes at the shortest and 25 minutes at the longest. In “Huyuko’s Summer,” Hana Toyoshima’s acting, in the role of Huyuko, was wonderful. The award-winning work “Seen” incorporates a modern interpretation of Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s “The Nose,” and the director’s loving use of details and the handmade feel like using 80’s pop songs and a tranquil monochrome cinematography really stood out was strongly felt as you watched it. There is also a unique essence unique to Japanese people living in this era, and I am very much looking forward to seeing how it will be conveyed to the world.

– Douglas Montgomery(Global Media Executive)
I really enjoyed “Seen”. This short captured my full attention from the beginning to the end. The scene when Fumi was about to stamp on the boy’s nose gave me goosebumps! Another scene that I found well done was with the coincidence of the music playing in the store and in the girl’s headphones. Usually an abrupt scene change like this disrupts the flow, but in this case I was perfectly and fit the scene. I felt the emotions / feelings of all characters from “Sweet”, especially Miwa, a second grader, who follows various rules, striving to be a “perfect child,” to meet her mother’s (Mizuho) expectations.

– Yūki Yamato(Film director)
All the films were worth watching, with an emphasis on vivid performances. By looking at all the submitted shorts, you will find that there are films that visualize the culture and lifestyles of various parts of Japan. “Tofu” is cinematic in its universality of the story that can be watched by all generations. especially the beauty of the images, and the visual metaphor of how tofu is made from beans. The award-winning work “Seen” is a powerful film that harmonizes contemporary issues and universal themes with modern literature. I felt that it was a work with a high degree of perfection both visually and in terms of message, and has a reach that spreads to the world.

Audience Award (International Competition)


Marcin Janos Krawczyk


Audience Award(Asia International Competition)

Nowhere else

Lee Kyeongwon

Nowhere else

Audience Award (Japan Competition)


Mansai Nomura


Best Actor Award (International Competition)


Coralie Russier

With overwhelming acting ability, she brilliantly played Camille, who is delicate, loving and very human.


Best Actor Award(Asia International Competition)

Giddh (The Scavenger)

Sanjay Mishra

Even without dialogue, the acting was persuasive with detailed emotional expressions and a unique presence.

Giddh (The Scavenger)

Best Actor Award (Japan Competition)



With wonderful acting skills that shows great potential in the future,
she brilliantly played the main character, Miu, whom you can’t help but empathize with.


Other Competitions

Non-Fiction Competition Best Short Award

Heart of an Astronaut

Jennifer Rainsford

The story is unique to non-fiction, allowing you to experience a reality that’s never been experienced and a dream that everyone longs for, all in 15 minutes. This is a short film that should be seen by many people in this era, as it is not only a valuable documentary film that is a rare look into an unknown aspect of a story but also has a positive energy and shows the vast possibilities of human potential.

Heart of an Astronaut

– Adam Torel
I enjoyed a variety of interesting and unique subjects. The technical level was also very high, and every film had a good rhythm and flow. “Liturgy of Anti-Tank Obstacles” is a work that powerfully portrays creation by religion and destruction by war in a simple and effective way. “Astronaut’s Heart” was an impressive work that gave a new perspective with an overall easy-to-understand composition and a subject that I had never been seen before.

– Daishi Matsunaga (film director)
Since I made my directorial debut with a documentary film, I have been shooting films while going back and forth between fiction and documentary. The award-winning film “The Heart of an Astronaut” was not only valuable as a record of work, but also had the power to excite those who watched the film. “Live Till I Die” is the moment of death that everyone will surely face. It was a valuable piece of work that gave a glimpse of it. Although it was short, it left a big impact.

– MEGUMI (Actor, Producer)
I strongly felt that this process of visualizing what is happening in a country, region, or individual through a filmmaker’s filter and conveying it to the world is very emotional and valuable. Someone once told me that it is important to be able to put your own subjectivity into a film so in “Dear My Father – The Story of A Legendary Hairdresser -,” if the daughter could get to know her father better as a human being & feel more respect for him through the making of this film, it made me feel like if I was the daughter, I might be able to grow & develop enough to make something lke this! The film’s strength lies in this ability to draw on the viewer’s subjectivity. In addition, the award-winning work “The Heart of an Astronaut” was a valuable work that allowed us to understand the reality of an astronaut, along with the romance and dreams of the female flight surgeon, Brigitte.

Animation Competition Best Short Award

The Bridge

Izumi Yoshida

The technique that depicted how the puppets understood each other only with their facial expressions, without relying on words, was excellent. Although the story a is historical event, it is depicted in a pure style, so it is easily draws empathy, and it is a film that directly resonates the heart. Now that the war is happening again, I want as many people as possible to see it.

The Bridge

– Yu Inaba
Even within the same category, there is a wide variety of subjects, animation styles, and compositions, and I could feel the strong energy put into each work by the creators. “The Pink Jacket” is a film that is interesting because of its bleak setting and the cuteness that can be seen in Japanese educational programs and the wit in the song, and the quality of the details is eye-catching. In the end, the work that moved my heart, and the one that left an especially strong impression on me was “The Bridge.” This film has an inevitability without dialogue, and I think it was very effective in drawing the story. A movie that many people want to reach even if you look at the historical background.

– Kotono Watanabe
It wasn’t easy to find films that were stimulating, technically advanced, and with a high quality of visual expression. “Scale” is an animation that has a very high degree of perfection and is not boring. The pattern and content matched, and the sound effects and music were very well made. The award-winning work “Kibou no Kakehashi” (The Bridge) is a well-crafted stop-motion film that tells the story of Polish orphans based on historical facts. This is the work that made me cry the most out of all 23 works, and I can recommend it with confidence in terms of content.

– Tomoyuki Sugiyama
The award-winning film “Kibou no Kakehashi (The Bridge)” is a film that gives us hope in a world where war is a real reality. It was a film that gave us hope. In the height of CG, I was moved by the movements of the puppets with amazing performances. A film that should be selected now that there is a war in Ukraine.
“Roald” also had an excellent idea and the character’s movements were wonderful. It made me realize that the world that I see in my head is the reality for the person, and it was a perfect work for the present, where reality fluctuates.

Smartphone Film Competition supported by Sony’s Xperia Best Short Award

Floating in between

Shiori Saito

The underwater cinematography was wonderful, and it made me want to see the images taken on a tiny smartphone on a big screen. Even though it is a documentary, it has a perfection as in a fiction, and I could sympathize with her view of life.

Floating in between

– Yayako Uchida (Essayist)
Thanks to the high degree of freedom of smartphones, I felt that there were more films that closely followed the images of what the director had originally wanted to create in hus mind than in ordinary films. “Leader” has a high production quality, a clear message, and all that is good about a short film, and I was surprised that it was shot with a mobile phone. The award-winning work “Floating in between” was visually beautiful and fresh in many ways. The phrase “ISSUI-SHIKEN” was also impressive, and I could sympathize with the message that there is no answer, and it is important to savor the process.

– Douglas Montgomery
“Hide and Seek” does a fabulous job of addressing one of the challenges that
all parents face regarding screen usage. This reflects the current era where we don’t want our children to use their cell phones all the time. It made me think of myself as a parent. I The part of the short where they disappeared was an unexpected twist and was very well done. The award-winning work “Floating in Between” was very beautiful and so well-done that from the moment I saw it, I forgot it was taken with a smartphone. I was drawn into Misa’s world completely. The cinematography done by smartphone and the storyline were both wonderful and left a very strong impression on me. I felt the short was made with just the right amount of time necessary for this story to be told.”

– Yūki Yamato (Film Director)
All of the films were focused on all that’s good about shooting images with a smartphone, and the films that left an impression on me conveyed the wonderfulness of being able to see the camera as a device close to the individual’s gaze. “Skin of the Earth” is a light smartphone, so it naturally gets closer to the community, and it successfully captures the delicacy that would not have been possible with a large camera. “Floating in between” has beautiful light in the video, and I was surprised by the spread of the world that can be seen from the smartphone by taking advantage of the expression on the smartphone. A work that beautifully reflects the charm of a woman and a human being on a smartphone, with a rich aesthetic sense that captures the appearance of the main character and the richness of the story.

Cinematic Tokyo Competition Best Short Award / Governor of Tokyo Award

Pieces of You

Raymond Doan

The idea of an international students living in Tokyo introducing Tokyo’s sightseeing spots to foreigners via online seems the most suited for this category as well as the global perspective is attractive in terms of the meaning of “Tokyo” as depicted by an American director. On the other hand, it was easy to empathize with the main character’s struggles with her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend who lives in a foreign countr. The film held my interest until the end as I wondered how the “love story” would turn out.

Pieces of You

U-25 Project Best Short Award


Solami Habu

This has an unique sense of style and ideas that stand out. The tempo and balance up to the final punchline are very good. The sound quality is high, and the way the images are cut and appear on screen is wonderful. Although it is an easy-to-understand and cute story, it incorporates original ideas and expressions that depicts a fantasy world in a way that is unique to animation.


The 9th Book Shorts Award Best Award

Sunset Road

Uda Tamaki

Sunset Road


International Competition
Branded Shorts of the Year

Me, My Autism & I

Vanish & Ambitious About Autism

Me, My Autism & I

National Competition
Branded Shorts of the Year

Chamisul in Love 2

Jinro Co Ltd

Chamisul in Love 2

Deloitte Digital Award

Kenshi Yonezu x PlayStation®️

Sony Interactive Entertainment

Kenshi Yonezu x PlayStation®️

HR Competition supported by Indeed HR Best Short Award

Documentary about a new editor of WEBTOON


Documentary about a new editor of WEBTOON

The 12th Visual Tourism Award, Japan Tourism Agency Commisioner’s Award




Other Awards


Perfect Strangers

Daisuke Kamijyo

Perfect Strangers



Gustav Ågerstrand, Åsa Ekman, Oscar Hedin Hetteberg, Anders Teigen


Shibuya Diversity Award

Margot’s Sister

Christine Doyon

Margot's Sister

Save the Earth! Minister’s Award, the Ministry of the Environment

Desert Lights

Katherina Harder

Children living in drought hit land. As more families leave the land, so do their soccer mates. It’s a very well made film that depicts the changes in the children’s minds in a straight & direct manner, and sincerely shows the lives of the children with the environment as a backdrop. Because it is a story centered around the children’s future, it’s a film filled with scenes that will make adults think, especually since it’s told from the children’s point of view.

Desert Lights


Wild Summon


It’s a film where you feel the filmmaker’s strong commitment to the reality of the environmental sounds of the river’s waters. The combination of the sound of the acoustic guitar that matches the scale of the wild nature is like watching a dance. The sound of the water creates a sense of realism as if you are underwater or on the surface and the combination of the visuals and sound effects createa a very dramatic effect. The way the music started and then changed with the scene made the story unfold in a more smooth & natural way.

Wild Summon

Global Spotlight Award




Most Viewed Award


Ken Ochiai






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