Recovery Project

Sustainable Recovery Project

In 2022, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) and the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA), an Academy Awards® qualifying short film festival, launched the “Sustainable Recovery Project.”

This project aims to create a short film that show the city of Tokyo, its residents, and the tourists who visit the city, as part of the city's efforts to become a sustainable city, and to show Tokyo's diverse attractions to people in Japan and abroad. After screening the film (real venue and online) at SSFFA 2023, the film will be also used for tourism promotion of Tokyo and other occasions.

Through this project, TMG and SSFFA will give opportunities to award-winning filmmakers of the past SSFFA editions by letting them write and direct the short film, in order to promote and appeal the attraction of Tokyo both in Japan and abroad. By doing so, we will continue to raise the visibility of festival winners and foster young filmmakers.

The film Produced in the fiscal year of 2023

Light of Intricate Patterns

21:36 / 2024 / Japan

Shoji Yasui
Sayoko Hirai
Fumino Kimura
Itsuki Iwamoto, Ayumu Nakajima, Kou Maehara, Matthew Chozick
Kanako Yanagihara
Rie Shibata and Tsurutaro Kataoka

Yuri appreciates her son Kazuma's passion of figures, but worries about his ability to get along with the group.
Yuri, who works as a writer, visits Edo Kiriko glass atelier to cover an article. Through the lessons she learns from the father and son artisans she meets during her interview, she begins to think about respecting Kazuma and developing his potential.

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Fumino Kimura

Born in Tokyo, October 19, 1987.
Debuted as the heroine in the movie “Adan” (2006). In the same year, played the lead role in "Kaze no Dadu"..
Her recent major appearances include the 2 "The Fable" movies (19/21), "LOVE LIFE" (22), "Rohan Kishibe Goes to the Louvre" (23), and others. Starring dramas include the NHK morning TV drama series "Ume-chan Sensei" (12), "Mother Game~Girls' Class~" (15/TBS), and the "Murder Analysis Unit" series (15, 16, 19/WOWOW). Other shows include "Sagideka" (19/NHK), NHK historical drama "Kirin ga Kuru" (20), "Seven Secretaries" (2020/TV Asahi), "PICU Pediatric Intensive Care Unit" (22/Fuji TV). The Netflix movie “City Hunter” is currently streaming.

Itsuki Iwamoto

Born April 9, 2019, Osaka Prefecture.
Began working as a child actor at the age of 2.
In the drama "VIVANT," played the role of the main character in his childhood days.
Currently, also appearing in the TV commercial "Panasonic Homes 60th Anniversary."
He is very busy in a wide range of movies and commercials.

Ayumu Nakajima

Born in 1988. Debuted on the stage in “Kuro Lizard” (13/Akihiro Miwa).
Major appearances include the movies "Good Stripes" (15/dir. Yukiko Amate), "Itomichi" (21/dir. Satoko Yokohama), "Coincidence and Imagination" (21/dir. Ryusuke Hamaguchi), Netflix "Asakusa" Kid" (21/dir. Hitori Gekidan), "It's Love" (22/dir. Hideo Josada), and "The Nighthawks First Love" (22/dir. Yasukawa Yuka). Recent works include "Confess Your Sins" (dir. Nobuo Mizuta), "Saturday Fiction" (dir. Lou Ye), "Fanfare" (dir. Ryuhei Yoshino), "Strange Lover from a Different Planet" (dir. Satoshi Kimura), "Silent Love" (dir. Eiji Uchida), "April Comes With Her" (dir. Tomokazu Yamada), and others.

Kou Maehara

Born November 20, 1992, Miyagi Prefecture.
Debuted in 2015 after studying at an agency. His major works include the movies "Ah Wilderness" (2017/directed by Yoshiyuki Kishi), "Majime Band no Blurry War" (2021/directed by Akira Ikeda), and "She's Coming" (2021/directed by Tatsuya Yamanishi), "Walking Time ~Waiting for the Day~" (2022/Directed by Akihiro Toda), "Rohan Kishibe Goes to the Louvre" (2023/Directed by Kazuki Watanabe), "Fleet of Silence" (2023/Directed by Kohei Yoshino), TV dramas include "It's Your Turn" (2019/NTV), "Ride on a Unicorn" (2022/TBS), "3rd Year VR Group" (2023/KTV), TV series "Ranman" (2023/NHK), " Yuria Sensei's Red Thread" (2023/EX) among others. Appearing in the stage play “King Lear” (directed by Sean Holmes) in March.

Matthew Chozick

Matthew Chozick is a Tokyo-based American actor, writer, and filmmaker. He has appeared weekly since 2012 on “Sekai Maru Mie,” Nippon Television’s flagship variety show. He is also known for his work in Japanese films and for his writing. His directorial debut “Toshie the Nihilist” has won numerous international awards.

Kanako Yanagihara

Comedian/talent. Her breakout comedy skits centered around high school girls in "Charismatic Shop Clerk" and "Sobu Line High School Girl as well as "Fuji TV's "Tonight is Nazotore" and NTV's "Ah!" She is also a mother of two children, and has become a hit on Instagram where she shares how she is raising her children attracting attention from the child-rearing generation.

Rie Shibata

Born in Yao, Toyama City. After graduating from Meiji University, she joined the Tokyo Vaudeville Show and founded the theater company WAHAHA Honpo with Masami Hisamoto and others in June 1984. The troupe gaimed popularity with its extreme sense of humour. The theater company is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and will hold a full-length performance in the fall. In addition to performances, she is involved in a wide range of activities including variety shows, dramas, movies, and radio.

Tsurutaro Kataoka

Born 1954 in Nishinippori, Tokyo.
1972 - Became apprentice to Master Tsuruhachi Kataoka.
Three years later, performed at Toho Meijinkai and Asakusa Entertainment Hall.
Since, he has became widely popular with the through variety shows.
Currently, he is active in dramas, movies, and plays as an actor with a wide range of characters, and has won numerous awards including the Japan Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.
He also has an artistic side.
As an artist, he held his first exhibition of paintings "Like a Dragonfly" in Tokyo in 1995.
In 2001, held his first overseas solo exhibition in Paris, which was well received.
In 2015, won the 10th Teshima Ukei Award, which is said to be the Akutagawa Prize for calligraphy.
In 2023, a collaboration exhibition with Ginza Motoji “Tsurutaro Kataoka depicted the essence of men where he designed and exhibited a limited edition of 15 linings for kimono haori that he created for the first time.
In addition to being a comedian, he is also active in many fields as an actor, painter, professional boxer, and yogi.


Shoji Yasui

Representative of Biyori Co., Ltd. Striving to make movies while producing TV commercials and corporate promotional videos.
"Sweet," SSFF & ASIA 2023 Best Actor Award winner, "Empty Cream Puff," SSFF & ASIA 2021 Audience Award winner, and "Tsurezure" amongothers.
Currently in a collaboration with "bird and insect."


Sumida Park Observation Deck /Taito-Ku (city)

The park is located along the Sumida River, and the left bank on the Sumida-ku side boasts an area of about 80,000 square meters in Mukojima 1, 2, and 5 chome. In spring, it is one of the best cherry blossom viewing spots, and in summer, the Sumida River Fireworks Festival is held. The garden in the park was created using the remains of the Mito Tokugawa residence, including its pond. It is said that the mansion was lived in for generations until it was completely destroyed after the Great Kanto Earthquake, after which it was incorporated into the Sumida Park area and transformed into a Japanese garden.

Sunroad Nakanobashi Shopping District /Koto-ku (city)

This historic shopping street, where the Naka-no-Bashi bridge over the Katagawa River was completed in August 1918 and the Oshima-Nakanobashi-dori Kyowakai (association) was established in 1919, is the kitchen of the community with about 100 stores along the 300-meter street. From 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., the street becomes a pedestrian paradise and is crowded with shoppers.

Sakurabashi Bridge /Sumida-ku (city)

The only pedestrian bridge on the Sumida River that connects Sumida City and Taito City . Not only can you get a panoramic view of the Sumida River, but as the name suggests, it's a great spot to see the cherry blossoms blooming on both banks.

Sumida Hokusai Museum /Sumida-ku (city)

Katsushika Hokusai, who is highly regarded as a world-renowned painter, is said to have been born in Honjo Warisesui (near present-day Kamezawa, Sumida City ), and left behind many works while spending most of his 90-year life in this city. This is an art museum where you can enjoy works by the world-famous artist Hokusai, which Sumida City is proud of.
The permanent exhibition will introduce Hokusai's life, his personality, his works, and his relationship with Sumida, as well as the various influences he had both domestically and internationally. In addition, a new Hokusai statue based on research will be unveiled at the special exhibition.