The “Tokyo Cine-magic” project encourages people from inside and outside of the country to come and visit Tokyo by promoting the various charms of the city. With this theme, a short film is produced for a special screening in the “Cinematic Tokyo” competition.
The very best pitch is selected from talented directors who have won awards at SSFF & Asia. Aside from its screening at the festival, the short film will also be shown at other national and international film festivals, used for Tokyo tourism promotions and make use of various opportunities to display the appeal of Tokyo.

The film Produced in the fiscal year of 2018

“Jose's Tour de Tokyo”

15:47 / 2019 / Japan

  • Written and Directed

    Kimie Tanaka,Yanqiu Fei(co-writer/shooting)

  • Cast

    Diego Cataño,Nash Edgerton,Mitsuru Fukikoshi

“Jose’s Tour de Tokyo” is a story of a young Mexican man, Jose, and his first visit to Tokyo as he works for a social media influencer, Alex.
Running around town in an attempt to fulfill his demands, Jose discovers the charms of the city.




  • Diego Cataño

    Diego Cataño is an actor who at the young age of 14 was nominated for the MTV Movie Awards in the category of favorite actor for his leading role in the feature film "Duck Season", directed by Fernando Eimbcke. Also, Diego played the lead role in the film "Year Of The Nai"l directed by Jonas Cuarón and produced by Alfonso Cuarón. Other film credits include "Savages", directed by Oliver Stone and opposite Blake Lively and "Desierto", film by Jonas Cuarón and sharing credits with Gael Garcia Bernal. In Television, you can see Diego playing the role of La Quica in the Netflix Original Series "Narcos".

  • Nash Edgerton

    After getting his break at 18 years old as a stunt performer, Nash Edgerton has gone on to establish himself as an actor, stunt performer, editor, producer, writer and director. Together with his brother Joel and friends, one of their collaboration "Deadline", went straight to the Sundance Film Festival. He has since directed award-winning short films including "Spider" and "Bear" which premiered in competition at Cannes International Film Festival, amassing numerous awards.
    In 2018, he helmed the US feature "Gringo" for Amazon Studios, starring Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton, and Amanda Seyfried.
    Edgerton was executive producer and stunt coordinator in his brother Joel’s new film "Boy Erased", starring Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.

  • Mitsuru Fukikoshi

    Mitsuru Fukikoshi was born in 1965 in Aomori prefecture, Japan.
    He has made appearances in plays such as "Fahrenheit 451", "Pluto" and a series of "Fukikoshi Solo Live" among others.
    Fukikoshi also features in films including "Cold Fish", "Her Father, My Lover" and "Namae no Nai Onnatachi", as well as many TV series including "Tokusou 9", "Zenryoku Zaka" by TV Asahi, "Tsuribaka Nisshi - Legend of Densuke Hamasaki, The Newbie - ", "Bokyaku no Sachiko" by TV Tokyo and "Unnatural" by TBS.


  • Toyosu Market

    The Toyosu Market is a large fresh food market that actively sustains 33 million residents of the Tokyo metropolitan area. Previously in the area of Tsukiji, it moved and opened in Toyosu in October 2018. The highlight is the tuna wholesale market auctions. Tourists can enter the market at 5:00am and watch the auctions that start around 5:30am.
    By advance booking, you can watch the auctions more closely from the observation deck.
    There are also restaurants and shops where you can enjoy popular dishes such as fresh sushi and seafood rice bowls.

  • Akihabara area

    An area where animation, manga, idol goods, and other shops are located. Akihabara has become a sacred place for Japanese subculture.
    It is crowded with many Japan lovers including "cosplayers" who are obsessed with anime characters.
    In addition, Akihabara has a long history as an electric city with a large number of stores specializing in electronics and IT equipment, as well as mass retailers.

  • Asakusa area

    An area known as a quintessential tourist destination in Tokyo, Asakusa has prospered since the Edo period and still captures the ambiance of that era. Between the landmarks "Kaminarimon" and Senso-ji Temple lies "Nakamise", boasting a variety of small souvenir shops. It is often crowded with many tourists.
    In addition, you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree on the other side of the Sumida River that flows nearby.

  • Sento

    A public bath popular with the people of Tokyo. A sento is a small facility mostly used by the locals, and is a place of relaxation. You can usually see a large painting on the bathroom wall of a traditional public bath, often with the motif of Mt. Fuji. In addition, it is common practice to drink bottled milk after bathing.