Cinematic Tokyo Competition

Cinematic Tokyo Competition was established in 2017. This competition category takes submissions from all over the world for short films showcasing the various charms of Tokyo. Productions do not have to be filmed in Tokyo, but must include themes that make one think of Tokyo, be centered on memories of Tokyo or imagine the essence of Tokyo.

6 nominated films selected from the 188 submissions from 39 countries and regions around the world.

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2024
Nominated films in Cinematic Tokyo Competition


    Kenji Ezure / 0:21:12 / Japan / Drama / 2022

    It’s the third summer for Mei Ling as an international student. Her boyfriend Naoto takes her out for a picnic date to Mt. Takao, a nature landmark in Tokyo. After climbing, they get to a famous soba noodle shop. It seems the female owner knows my name… You can also enjoy the scenery of Taiwan that was shot remotely.

  • Satomi

    Rayner Wang / 0:11:38 / Japan, United States / Fantasy / 2023

    Mayumi could be the perfect performer. The only problem: she suffers from stage fright. After her audition at a talent show goes awry, she has an inadvertent encounter with her idol, who so happens to be a living anime. An enchanting story about an unassuming girl set during the tail end of the 20th century.

  • Family Affair

    Toshiyuki Nagaoka / 0:23:36 / Japan / Drama / 2023

    The Iwata family is on a trip for a relative's wedding. The father, mother, and two daughters feel that this is their last family trip together. The women wander the streets of Hachioji City, Tokyo, on a whim, and the father is left alone. What will happen on this family trip?

  • Tonari

    Ben Tarquin / 0:16:30 / Japan / Experimental / 2023

    When her mirrored reflection comes to life, a dancer caught between Tokyo and San Francisco must embark on an epic chase to find herself. TONARI is a cross-cultural, cross-generational story that explores race and mixed identity through narrative, dance, and jazz music.

  • cross

    Kosuke Inai / 0:01:30 / Japan / Video Art / 2019

    The film expresses how two people of different ages and backgrounds, who would not cross paths in a normal life, cross through "things".

  • Tokyo I Love Yous

    Kaita Tawara / 0:21:42 / Japan / Drama / 2022

    A dialogue between Akira and Mizuki who live in Tokyo. They make a promise under fireworks and shooting stars. They make a secret wish upon the remaining shine. In the not-too-distant future, even when those lights would become just the memory… Whenever they look up at the stars, they recall the promise they couldn’t have fulfilled.