SSFF & ASIA 2022 Special Selection 3 - Hanging on Hope

SS 3


Venue Schedule Reservation
VenueTOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC ART MUSEUM2022.10.21 [Fri] 15:00 - 16:40
VenueTOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC ART MUSEUM2022.10.22 [Sat] 17:00 - 18:40
VenueOnline Screening2022.09.29 [Thu] - 2022.10.23 [Sun]
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    CINEMA FIGHTERS project Special Production Short

    On The Way

    Kenta comes to Mexico to replace his mother, who works at an NPO to support immigrants. However, he loses his words when he sees the harsh situation of those who risk their lives to go to America. Against the objections of his staff member, Daniel, Kenta gives a car ride to the people who are heading for the border on foot.

    Daishi Matsunaga / 0:23:00 / Japan / Drama / 2019

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    HR Competition supported by Indeed HR Award

    Kindness is also yours

    A high school student, who retired from club activities, now start thinking about his future. He has no idea what he would like to do, and worries about his future.

    Masaki Miya / 0:03:24 / Japan / /

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    Biogen Award

    Barefoot Empress

    96-year-old Karthiyani Amma lived a life sweeping temples in India. Decades later she broke with tradition returning to school. There, she shattered expectations, earning the top score in her class. Her inspirational story is proof that it’s never too late to realize your dreams.

    Vikas Khanna / 0:15:32 / India / Non-Fiction / 2021

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    U-25 Project Best Short Award

    Final Deathtination

    A suicidal man encounters "Death" who is a "travel agent" to find the best place to die.

    Marika Tamura / 0:02:05 / United States / Animation / 2021

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    The Hands

    Sign language interpreter Doh-young learns of his wife's delivery for the newborn bay during his live interpretation for a case briefing. In his own way, Doh-young conveys his warm feelings towards his wife and the newborn child.

    Seowon JUNG / 0:09:40 / South Korea / Drama / 2021

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    Japan Competition Best Short Award/Governor of Tokyo Award

    THE LIMIT Taxi Girl

    Saki, a lawyer, gets into a waiting cab to go to the airport. But the driver of the cab was her sister Satomi, who had been waiting for her, and against her sister's wishes, drove her to the hospital where her mother was in critical condition.

    Masaya Yoshida / 0:23:23 / Japan / Drama / 2021

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    Things get wild at the 'VISA and immigration services' when Karim, a young Iranian father living in the UK is mistakenly threatened with deportation.

    Rémy Bazerque / 0:10:47 / United Kingdom / Comedy / 2021

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    Animation Competition Best Short Award


    Airborne is a surreal animation that connects the world of flying machines with the kingdom of flora and fauna. Engrossed in the fight, pilot loses his target which leads to tragedy. The plane crashes into the crown of a tree. The tragedy that seems to be the end opens a new stage in history.

    Andrzej Jobczyk / 0:07:36 / Poland / Animation / 2021


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