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From 695 works submitted from all over the world, Branded Movie of Vanish and Jinro were awarded “Branded Shorts of the Year”

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Deloitte Digital Award went to Kenshi Yonezu x PlayStation®️

Best Awards of HR Competition supported by Indeed and

Visual Tourism Award  were also announced

One of the biggest international short film festivals in Asia, the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2023 (SSFF & ASIA) held BRANDED SHORTS 2023, a festival of branded movies (short films produced by companies and advertising companies for branding purposes), at Akasaka Intercity Conference. Out of 695 works submitted from around the world, “Me, My Autism & I” by the UK detergent company Vanish was awarded in the international category, and Jinro’s “Chamisul in Love 2” won in the national category. The first half featured a talk event was held with 8 special guests including Chief Juror Yasuhito Tachibana, Momoko Ando and Mitsuyo Ota. Also participating was Takuma Takasaki, who co-wrote “Perfect Days” for which Koji Yakusho won the Best Actor Award at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Mr. Tachibana began the talk event commenting, “It was both difficult and fun to discuss and decide with such a distinguished jury members.” Mitsuyo Ota said, “I have been a juror since last year, but I have the impression that this year’s tone was brighter than last year. Maybe it’s because I judged last year at night (laughs), but this year I think I was able to have a lighter judging experience thanks to Director Ando’s energy! Everything has a meaning and I think there were many wonderful films.” Mr. Takasaki said, “I’ve been a juror since Branded Shorts was established, but this year was the year I felt the difference between the international and national films the most. It made me wonder why there is such a difference, and it gave me thought about how to judge when the border between international and national is gone. With the Internet, we can cross borders, so I think that people who create films from now on will reach more people with stories that will touch the universal connection of human beings.” In addition, Director Ando said, “Many companies in rural areas do not have production budgets, but young people are exposed to images on a daily basis, so I think the hurdles to movies are disappearing. In time, I think that the hurdles in making films will soon disappear. In response to this, Mr. Tachibana said, “I hope that people who have never made a film will challenge themselves and revitalize the realm short films.     

Former women’s soccer team Japan member Homare Sawa commented “Make up  even if you fail”

During the second half, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s “Kenshi Yonezu x PlayStation®️” won the Deloitte Digital Award, which is given to work that embodies the “fusion of ‘digital’ and ‘humanity.’” Yuta Okuyama, creative director of SIX, who won the award, said, “There was talk of crossing boundaries, but after talking with PlayStation and Mr. Yonezu, I thought about how to create something for “now.” I tried to approach the world with the idea that “rather than brandishing tools like trending and divisiveness, use fun and humor.” Following the launch of Deloitte Digital’s sports business organization, the short movie “Relentless Challenger -Challenge creates the future-” was introduced, and the creative director of Deloitte Digital Mr. Haruhito Nisawadaira said, “When I really thought about what kind of message to convey, I wanted to elicit understanding of athletes by depicting their own words how they face challenges. Through this work, I wanted to convey that you can never achieve it alone.” Soccer legend Homare Sawa, who also appears in the movie, said, “In the 2011 World Cup semi-finals, I lost a goal due to my own mistake. With the help of my teammates, I was able to make up for my mistake and win a come-from-behind victory. Instead of being afraid of making mistakes, I do everything with the thought that I can get it back. I think it would be an honor if I could inspire someone with my own words, and I have been saved a lot by someone else’s words. It’s not a specific person, but I’m encouraged by various people from time to time. And I think the value of sports is to give people courage and dreams.”

In the second part, the HR Best Short Award of the HR Competition supported by Indeed, which focuses on the HR (Human Resources) perspective among branded movies, was also announced, and Sorajima Inc., which produces and distributes Webtoon, “Webtoon New Editor Close Document won the award.” Mr. Shoichi Tajiri, Marketing Senior Director of Indeed Japan Co., Ltd., who served as the presenter, said, “This year, there were many companies that envisioned what kind of mission they had and what kind of future they had. Among them, the award-winning work this time has a good tempo and music of course, but it also depicts the reality of the main character who actually works.”

Following the announcement of the Visual Tourism Award, the Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner’s Award was awarded to Aomori Prefecture’s tourism video “Empty.” No way, I apologize to the director and everyone who made it for being so surprised, but I am very happy.”


【BRANDED SHORTS 2023 Award Winners】 

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