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Short film “I SCREAM FEVER” (Director: Tetsuya Chihara) Starring: Minami Kotona, Yumi Adachi, Utaha, Marika Matsumoto, & Hattori World Premiere released online on May 9, Ice Cream Day!

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On May 9th, to commemorate Ice Cream Day, SSFF & ASIA 2023 will world premiere the online screening of “I SCREAM FEVER” directed by Tetsuya Chihara of Lemon Life  (art director and design producer) and starring   Kotona Minami, Yumi Adachi, and Utaha (Wednesday Campanella), Marika Matsumoto, and Hattori (Macaroni Enpitsu). (Until 07/10)


This work is a spin-off short film version of the feature film “Ice Cream Fever” directed by Tetsuya Chihara, which will be released on July 14th. Miwa (Minami Kotona), the main character who had lost her mother (Yumi Adachi), dances with Takako (Utaha), a high school student she met in Shibuya, and with her aunt Miwa (Marika Matsumoto), her heart is slowly opened to life in Tokyo. Miwa and Takako never meet in the feature film “Ice Cream Fever,” but it turns out they had met in Shibuya. 
The music is by Tomoyuki Tanaka, who served as the music director for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic opening and closing ceremonies and the Paralympic opening ceremonies. Based on the concept of “designing movie production,” director Tetsuya Chihara is also the executive producer, including fundraising, corporate tie-ups (Sarutahiko Coffee, Adastria, Unnana Cool, etc.), and advertising/ publicity in a departure from the “normal” way that films are produced. “I SCREAM FEVER” will be drawing attention and interest!


Director: Tetsuya Chihara / 11:02 / Japan / Drama / 2023

Cast: Kotona Minami, Yumi Adachi, Utaha (Wednesday Campanella), Marika Matsumoto,

Hattori (Macaroni Pencil). 

(Synopsis) Miwa (Minami Kotona), lost her mother (Yumi Adachi) in a traffic accident and  wanders the streets of Shibuya. Trying to sort out her feelings for her mother, she feels alone wearing her mother’s earrings. Meanwhile, Takako (Utaha), a high school student who is constantly moving, can’t meet anyone she likes and spends her days lonely and alone. These two meet and communicate while dancing between fantasy and reality. People are alone, but these two find each other. We are never alone.


Director & Casts

from top left:

Director: Tetsuya Chihara

Born in 1975, Kyoto. As art director, advertising (H&M, Nissin Cup Noodles x Laforet Harajuku) corporate branding (Unnana Cool), CD jackets (Keisuke Kuwata “Garakuta,” Kayoko Yoshizawa, etc.) TV drama/CM production. Designer in various genres. As producer in a wide range of work: hosting “Katte ni Southern DAY,” designed Tokyo support logo “KISS, TOKYO,” revitalization community “Cafe Lemon” in Fujiyoshida City.


Kotona Minami

Born in 2006, Saitama Prefecture. 2019 model debut. “Mr” in 2020. Drew attention with the Children’s “Documentary film,” and has appeared in music videos – Official HIGE DANdism “Mixnuts.” Made her film debut in “Chihiro-san” (23/Rikiya Imaizumi), and appeared in the NETFLIX drama “Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san” (23/Hirokazu Kore-eda).


Yumi Adachi      

Born in 1981, Tokyo. Debuted as model at age 2 and starred in the 1993 film “REX Dinosaur Story.” Recent films: “Nanananoka” (2014 / director Nobuhiko Obayashi), “Hanayoi Dochu” (2014 / director Keisuke Toyoshima), “Jukaimura” (21 / director Takashi Shimizu), “The Househusband’s Way The Cinema” (22/director Toichiro Ruto), “The Fall” (23/director by Naoto Takenaka).


Utaha (Wednesday Campanella)

Born in 2001, Tokyo. Worked as a freelance model since high school. In 2021, joined the three-person music unit Wednesday Campanella as second generation member vocal director, released “Edison” in 2022, a hit on TikTok. This is her film debut.


Marika Matsumoto                                                               

Born in 1984, Tokyo. Debuted in the 2000 TV drama “Rokume no Sayoko” (NHK). Major films include “Scream in the Rain” (21/director Eiji Uchida), MIRRORLIAR FILMS Season 2 “The Little Star” (22/director Kazuaki Kiriya), “The Way of the Househusband The Cinema” (22 / director Toichiro Ruto), “Yokai Share House-It’s not a prince of Hakuba-” (22 / director Keisuke Toyoshima), “It’s all my fault” (22 / director Yusaku Matsumoto), “Night, Birds” cries” (22/director Hideo Josada).


Hattori (Macaroni Enpitsu)

Born in 1993, Yamanashi Prefecture. In 2012, formed four-member rock band Macaroni Enpitsu, major label debut in 2020. The song “Nandai ni ni yo,” from the 1st full album “Expectations for a happy ending” released in 2022 was a major hit with over 300 million streaming views. This is his film debut.


Opening in July: feature film “Ice Cream Fever” trailer

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