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Data Asset Management Service to Maximizes the Value of Creators LIFE LOG BOX launch press-event was held AWS, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting, ConsenSys and Visual Voice concentrate its wisdom. Filmmakers including Oscar-winning Director Kristóf Deák, Momoko Ando, Hitomi Kuroki and Shinichiro Ueda have already joined

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Visual Voice Inc., (President: Tetsuya Bessho) which has a network of over 100,000 creators around the world through the International Short Film Festival, the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA), and Amazon Web Services Japan G.K. (President: Tadao Nagasaki) which provides the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud computing services, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC (CEO: Masato Sase) of the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group which has a track record of business support in a wide range of industries through utilization of blockchain such as NFT, and ConsenSys (CEO & Founder: Joseph Lubin) which builds blockchain-based financial infrastructure had a press-event for the launch of Asset Management Service to maximizes the value of Creators and its contents “LIFE LOG BOX” today.


For this service, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting provides full support for system construction with AWS’ Cloud Computing Services including AWS storage service (Amazon S3) and  Web 3.0 service integration environment of ConsenSys “Infura NFT API” for the first time in Japan.
 In the WEB3.0 era, everybody is a creator by using smartphone, social media and movie platform.
LIFE LOG BOX will make creators possible to storage their contents permanently, ensuring those are not lost in the event of an emergency. The Portfolio function will create matching opportunities between creators and contents and worldwide business. Using blockchain technology, this service will make a system to return profits to creators by converting content to NFT, authenticating authenticity and clarifying ownership.
 After β version was launched on April 27th, more than 40 filmmakers including Shinichiro Ueda (“One Cut of the Dead”) and Kristof Deak, who won the Oscar in 2017, have already registered their portfolio and about 150 users have registered their accounts.


Message from Momoko Ando and Hitomi Kuroki who have registered their portfolio at LLB.

Momoko Ando, a film director, commented, “Now is the time that everyone can make films. I am also a filmmaker, but I think that in Japan, there are still not enough opportunity for filmmakers to meet who they need. This LLB platform is field with full of hope. Talented young creators can make their dreams come true.”

Hitomi Kuroki, an actress and film director, commented, “I have directed two short films and held a screening last year, but I felt that I had not yet reached a large number of people. I heard about LLB and I wanted to participate and support it. I believe that various barriers such as language, regulations, and budget for filmmaking will be overcome on this platform. New encounters will be born as well. I would like to encourage everyone who is aiming to make a living as a filmmaker to participate, that way LLB will be great force to support them. Let’s all send our creatives to the world together! 

Comments from presidents of 4 companies

Amazon Web Services Japan G.K. (President: Tadao Nagasaki)
AWS is very pleased to contribute to Visual Voice’s efforts to maximize the value of creators around the world and revitalize the video and film industry by leveraging the scalability of AWS. In future, we are excited that the Visual Voice’s company innovation will be greatly accelerated by AWS various services such as media solutions and AI, machine learning technologies.

Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting CEO: Masato Sase
“The development of LIFE LOG BOX, which opens up the future for creators based on new technologies and values, is exactly what our company’s slogan of ‘Lead the way’ means. With Deloitte Tohmatsu’s diverse expertise, we will support an environment where creators around the world can fully utilize their talent.”

ConsenSys GM, Infura & Head of Emerging APIsNayana Singh、APAC Sales Director : Aaron Ko
“At ConsenSys, we’re extremely thrilled to be involved in Visual Voice’s entrance into the world of NFTs. Through the breadth of our Infura NFT offering that includes multiple read endpoints and the SDK with pre-built smart contract templates, we’re able to speed up Visual Voice’s launch of its web3.0 platform to bring true ownership of creators’ content.”

Visual Voice Inc. PresidentTetsuya Bessho
“Now is the time to finally realize the concept of the NFT global cinema market which was announced at the film festival in 2022. From the birth of a platform that fulfills the needs of creators from around the world who gather at film festivals, we can now envision the future image of the Web 3.0 era films.”





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