BRANDED SHORTS International Competition



Venue Schedule Reservation
VenueAKASAKA INTERCITY CONFERENCE CENTER, the AIR2023.06.13 [Tue] 13:00 – 16:20
VenueOnline Screening2023.05.16 [Tue] – 2023.07.10 [Mon]
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    Captain Olson

    This short, heartwarming film tells the story of two brothers called Pedro and Nacho, aged 11 and 7, who live in a small town.

    One day they receive some walkie talkies as a gift. These come to play a central role in their games and strengthen the bond between them even further. However, the story is suddenly cut short when Nacho has to leave his town and his brother to receive medical treatment in the city.

    The story highlights the importance of family closeness when it comes to treating children. That’s why the theme of the campaign is “Family is the best medicine.”

    【Client】Ronald McDonald House Charities®
    【Production】Primo Content

    Felipe Gómez Aparicio / 0:08:02 / Spain / Branded Movie / 2022

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    A Christmas Love Story

    When a man and a woman meet on a train home for Christmas, he hurriedly writes his number on the back of his lottery ticket and gives it to her. But when the number is smudged, and then the ticket wins the lottery, she must take her chances on finding him again on New Years Eve…

    【Client】The National Lottery

    Tom Hooper / 0:03:30 / UK / Branded Movie / 2022

  • No online


    A short film by the esteemed and award-winning director, Na Hong-jin. Combining elements of horror and suspense through dark imagery, the director explores the complicated subject of personal values, and the lengths people are willing to go for their 'Faith'

    【Production】Forged Films/Planit Production

    Na Hong-jin / 0:11:44 / South Korea / Branded Movie / 2022

    mature Mature Content:
    These films may include sexual and/or violent content.

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    The Bridge

    With music by GRAMMY® Award winner musician Lou Reed, "The Bridge" is inspired by a true story about a man who is struggling with his mental health after being left by his wife, and, in parallel, a story about a dog abandoned by his family and left on the streets of NYC. As these two characters experience lives filled with rejection, we see their paths cross and a quiet bond begin to grow. The film explores how this connection ultimately saves both of their lives.

    Art direction was pivotal in depicting the main characters’ internal mental health struggles. The overall art direction of the film was developed to create a hostile world where our characters feel cramped and unwelcomed in the world they inhabit. The New York City we created is distinctly different from a playful PIXAR-like style. Our characters’ surroundings are distorted and feature gothic-inspired angles.

    【Client】PAWS NY
    【Agency】 Klick Health
    【Production】Lightfarm Studios

    Lightfarm Studios / 0:04:12 / USA / Branded Movie / 2022

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    The Journey

    THE JOURNEY explores the intricate nature of father-daughter-relationships. Oscillating between distance and attachment, between the lightness of the fleeting moment and the dark joy of melancholy, a woman finds her very own way.

    【Client】Daimler Truck Financial Services
    【Production】5ter Stock

    Marko Roth / 0:04:18 / Germany / Branded Movie / 2022

  • Online

    Life Made Possible

    This is the story of a perfectly ordinary life. That was more than someone diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 100 years ago could hope for. But now, after a century of innovation, many people living with chronic diseases can now live their lives to the fullest.

    【Client】Novo Nordisk
    【Agency】Honeytrap Film
    【Production】Honeytrap Film

    Ian Isak / 0:03:18 / Denmark / Branded Movie / 2022

  • Online

    The Secret of Wakany

    (日本語) The latest film by CANAL+ and its longtime ad agency BETC Paris expresses this particular feeling. You get to discover a young couple that becomes obsessed with the fantasy series THE SECRET OF WAKANY. Season after season, their passion for the show grows until it takes on their whole lives: spending nights watching episodes, turning their home into a museum, getting tattoos, learning the cryptic language. They speak Wakany and eat Wakany. We can consider them addicts.

    【Agency】 BETC Paris

    Antoine Bardou-Jacquet / 0:02:30 / France / Branded Movie / 2022

  • Online

    The Wait

    This is a branded film that shows off how annoying a wait can be in our everyday mundane situations. It puts things into perspective when a child is waiting for their turn to get an urgent heart surgery.

    【Client】Magdi Yacoub Heart Foundation
    【Agency】 Tarek Nour communications
    【Production】Kay Oh Productions

    Mohamed El Zayat / 0:00:48 / Egypt / Branded Movie / 2022

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    Translating Joy

    “Translating Joy” is a playful short film about a real-life AI translation error. BMW’s Chinese name, Bao Ma, means "precious horse”. “Bao Ma” is an auspicious phrase that appears in many ancient poems and Chinese New Year wishes. However, BMW has become so important in China that all major translation sites now translate Bao Ma into BMW instead of precious horse! This means that BMW is suddenly appearing in traditional Chinese New Year wishes. “Translating Joy” turns this mistake into an addictive short film.

    The story is about a print shop owner who wants to scale up his business by selling Chinese New Year goods abroad. So he uses an AI translator to translates a typical Chinese New Year wish “Zhao Cai Jin Bao Ma Dao Cheng Gong” (meaning: wish you bring in wealth and ride on success) into English. But the AI translation app changes the wish into “Lucky Money into BMW to Success”. This error then gets amplified, along with the joy.

    At the end of the film, viewers are reassured that this is a REAL translation error - and if they don’t believe it, they can try it themselves.

    【Client】BMW China
    【Agency】 TBWA\Juice Beijing
    【Production】MOD Media

    Jonah Gabriel and Pablo Rochat / 0:03:18 / China / Branded Movie / 2022

  • Online

    The Teacher

    This is a story of a head teacher whose day to day life revolves around ensuring the wellbeing of others. We are amazed with the variety of unique and nuanced ways he asks the simple question ‘How are you?’ with genuine interest each time.
    Usually, people ask this question very mechanically, without expecting an answer. Here, most significantly at the end, it is a real question with the expectation of a real answer, because it’s asked by someone who really cares.

    【Client】Deutsche Telekom
    【Agency】 adam&eveBERLIN

    Jonathan Alric / 0:01:16 / Germany / Branded Movie / 2022





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