The “Tokyo Cine-magic” project encourages people from inside and outside of the country to come and visit Tokyo by promoting the various charms of the city. With this theme, a short film is produced for a special screening in the “Cinematic Tokyo” competition.
The very best pitch is selected from talented directors who have won awards at SSFF & Asia. Aside from its screening at the festival, the short film will also be shown at other national and international film festivals, used for Tokyo tourism promotions and make use of various opportunities to display the appeal of Tokyo.

The film Produced in the fiscal year of 2016


12:36 / 2017 / Japan

  • Written / Directed

    by Yukinori Makabe

  • Original Story

    by Alfonso Torre

  • Cast

    James Jirayu , Junko Abe , Hershel Peppers , Elizabeth Seymour and Irène Jacob

  • Executive Producer

    Tetsuya Bessho

  • Chief Producer

    Seigo Tono

  • Producers

    Taichi Nara Kyohei Sudate

  • Assistant Producer

    Akihiro Hayashi

  • Music

    Shuta Hasunuma

  • Visual Designer

    Kenjiro Tsubono

  • Production company


A taxi driver, a young girl and a backpacker simultaneously experience a wonderful journey in Tokyo, where they find connections to their own homes in Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia.
Throughout their journey, they run into the same Japanese woman named Akiko.
Meanwhile, a writer in Paris recalls her encounter with Akiko in Tokyo.



  • James Jirayu

    He debuted as an actor in 2013. After appearing in numerous TV dramas and in films, he soon established himself as a very popular actor and idol in Thailand. He has appeared in commercials for Japanese brands and moved to Japan in 2015 to continue his career. In June of 2016, he made his Japanese language debut CD, recording with one of Japan's top producers, "Tsunku♂." In July of the same year, he released his first self-portrait photo book. In addition, he played the lead in the hit TV show "Kimi Dake, I Love You" which was also broadcast in Japan. Currently he crosses boundaries working in both Thailand and Japan.

  • Junko Abe

    Born in Osaka in 1993. She made her debut in "The Chasing World 2" as lead actress. "Still the Water" directed by Naomi Kawase, in which she was starred, was an Official Selection of the 67th Cannes Film Festival. For this role, she was also awarded the Best Actress Award at the Sakhalin International Film Festival and the Best New Actress Award at the Takasaki Film Festival. She has appeared in the TV dramas "Perfect Son," "Toto Neechan," "A Girl and Three Sweethearts," "Yongo Keibi" and in the hit films "My Hawaiian Discovery," "Azemichi no dandy," "Tonneru rendebu" and others.

  • Hershel Peppers

    Hershel Peppers was born on February 4, 1971 in New York City, USA. He is an actor, known for Equals (2015), The Next Generation Patreiba: Shuto Kessen (2015) and Outrage (2010).

  • Elizabeth Seymour

    Born on November 29 2006 in the United States.
    Elizabeth is a model who has worked for well known fashion brands such as ANNA SUI, MILK and Snidel but she has also been involved in TV commercials and music videos as well.
    With her strong senses and boundless energy recently she is further extending her field into acting as well.
    She never lacks a positive attitude and her innocent smile always lights up the se

  • Irène Jacob

    A French actress, Irène Jacob spent her childhood in Geneva.
    She intensively learned drama from 18, when she was back in Paris in a national drama school.
    She made herself known from the general public with Au revoir les Enfants, a film directed by Louis Malle in which she played a piano teacher.
    In 1991, she was the heroine of Krzisztof Kielowski’s The Double Life of Veronique, and won the Best Actress Award at Cannes Film Festival. Two years later, she played in Red, the final part of Three Colors.