BRANDED SHORTS National Competition



Venue Schedule Reservation
VenueAKASAKA INTERCITY CONFERENCE CENTER, the AIR2023.06.13 [Tue] 13:00 – 16:20
VenueOnline Screening2023.05.16 [Tue] – 2023.07.10 [Mon]
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    April’s kick off

    "April's Kick Off" is a series of 11 short web drama commercials that depict the relationships between a young boy who has decided to study soccer abroad in Tokyo, his mother, girl friend, and football teammates. The drama focuses on the emotions that swirl around the world of soccer.

    【Client】Shogakukan Inc.
    【Agency】Dentsu Inc.

    Takashi Koyama / 0:10:14 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

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    “I can’t be with you forever”

    This film features Go Morita playing the role of a father, depicting the time spent with his son at home. The film was produced with the aim of raising awareness among young couples aged 25-35, who are either starting a family or planning to do so, about the limited amount of time they have to spend with their children. The survey results that "3 years, 5 months, and 11 days: the amount of time a father spends with their child in their lifetime.

    【Client】Nomura Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
    【Agency】HAKUHODO Inc.

    Shunsuke Nakajima / 0:06:10 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

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    The Family

    The protagonist of this story, who identifies as both a man (father) and a woman, is struggling with how to approach their funeral and seeks advice from their family. With some individuals not being aware of their life as a transgender person, the protagonist wonders whether their funeral portrait should depict them as their current female self or as a male/father figure. The family takes the protagonist's true feelings into consideration and suggests displaying both portraits side by side. The day of the farewell arrives, and they bid their final goodbyes.

    【Client】MURATA Inc.
    【Agency】Hiroshima Branch/Matsuyama Branch, DENTSU WEST JAPAN inc.
    【Production】VSQ Co.,Ltd.

    Shun Nakagawa / 0:03:58 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

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    Towards the same future

    This is a short story about a fisherman father who was solely focused on his work and neglected his family, leading to his daughter leaving with her mother. The father and daughter reunite years later, now in their roles as a fisherman and a local government official promoting sustainable fisheries. The father is consumed with his work, while the daughter is focused on promoting responsible fishing practices for the sake of the industry's future. As they work together, they begin to realize that their visions for the future are aligned. Despite their difficulty expressing their love for each other, they come to understand that they share a common goal and their perspectives are not so different after all.

    【Agency】Mitsuru Inc.
    【Production】ROCK'N&ROLL JAPAN

    Shunsaku Okuno / 0:03:55 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

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    Documentary about a new editor of WEBTOON

    This film is a behind-the-scenes documentary that follows a new webtoon editor at the largest domestic webtoon studio until the release of her first assigned work. The film captures the editor's expectations, nervousness, and determination to pursue her dreams in a new field. It delves into the editor's inner thoughts and feelings as she struggle to overcome challenges and achieve success.

    【Client】SORAJIMA Inc.

    Tommaso Barbetta / 0:08:41 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

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    The first line of defense against illness is diagnostic testing

    A woman's daily life is portrayed alongside probabilities.

    The probability of marrying her first love.
    The probability of catching a home run ball at a baseball game.
    The probability of finding a four-leaf clover.

    Although many of these events may pass by without happening, one day the woman receives a cancer diagnosis.

    However, upon receiving the doctor's explanation, the woman turns to face the future with a certain determination.

    【Client】Roche Diagnostics K.K.
    【Agency】JR East Marketing & Communications,Inc.
    【Production】FIELD MANAGEMENT Inc.

    Erika Konno (WHO ARE YOU) / 0:01:39 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

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    A man falls into a mysterious hole where people who have experienced embarrassing failures gather. As someone who failed at giving a wedding speech, he meets the people in the hole and learns to overcome their failures. This is a story about how he learns to move on from his mistakes.

    【Agency】Dentsu Inc.
    【Production】Candy Film inc

    Yusuke Hiza / 0:03:19 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

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    The Story of the Tiny Yellow Chair

    The short movie "The Story of the Tiny Yellow Chair" shows how CAINZ values "Kindness."

    It's always for the ones we love the most, that you try your best to think of ideas, find creative new ways of doing things, and go out of your way on crafts that you tried for the first time.

    Behind every customer's creativity, is always a story of "thinking of those you love."

    This short film was produced based on a real story between a customer and a CAINZ specialist.

    It is a story of a father and a daughter, and a small chair across 25 years, showing what "DIY" means in our customer's life journey and what "Kindness" means to CAINZ.

    【Agency】POOL inc.

    Yosuke Kobayashi / 0:03:20 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

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    Bringing everyone’s feelings together in the book

    The story begins with a scene where the protagonist, Yuka, is suddenly hit with the news that the beloved "grandmother's" store with its famous dishes is finally closing down after a long history. For Yuka, a regular customer at the shop, it is the biggest shock of the year, no, of the century!
    Despite being someone with a sharp tongue, the owner, Sachie-san, is loved for her warmth and kindness, and she had saved Yuka in the past. However, Yuka has never been able to express her gratitude properly. She comes up with the idea of collecting messages from regular customers online, but the small chain of gratitude takes an unexpected turn that exceeds her imagination!?

    【Client】iUM inc.
    【Agency】Yosuke Takada(ethnic)/ Taro Miyazaki(kiCk)
    【Production】Creative Hub Swimmy

    Fumiaki Okada / 0:06:50 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

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    Graduation Speech with 1 Million Graduates

    Graduation Speech with 1 Million Graduates.

    At a graduation ceremony where everyone is wearing masks, a student begins to deliver the graduation speech. She reflects on the many memories from her high school days and the unexpected realization of how precious everyday life can be. The artist Eve's ""Kokoro Umi (Chorus ver.)"" plays in the background as she looks back on her experiences.

    She recalls the first time she saw the unfamiliar names of her classmates during the class assignments, and how calling out their names repeatedly has turned them into unforgettable names. She also remembers the sudden interruption of her smooth school life, and the anxious days when she couldn't see her friends due to the pandemic. The school events such as the cultural festival and school trips that they were looking forward to were canceled one after another. ""Our youth was dense with experiences,"" she continues, and concludes the speech by pledging to overcome these tough times and to soar far, far away into the future.

    【Client】NTT Docomo
    【Agency】Hakuhodo Inc./TBWA\HAKUHODO
    【Production】AOI Pro.

    Yoshihiro Mori / 0:04:41 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022





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