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VenueOnline Screening2023.05.16 [Thu] – 2023.07.10 [Mon]
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    『City in Blue』 “OUR STORIES : from OTARU”

    【Otaru, Hokkaido】
    In the distance, the echoes of the roaring tide can be heard. The crashing blue waves and the vast expanse of cloud-filled sky on the horizon create a landscape that reflects the seasons like a jewel. The people of this port town, living their daily lives, and the city of Otaru that connects the passing eras. The contours that emerge from this ensemble reflect the true nature and charm of this town. Everything is connected by the sea.

    Hiroki Ito / 0:05:00 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

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    Oita, MV feat. Marc Panther

    【Oita Prefecture】
    When it comes to hot springs, Oita Prefecture is well known.
    However, there's more than just hot springs in Oita.
    This prefecture is home to the best spots for spending a relaxing and leisurely evening, from dusk until midnight.
    You'll discover the city that can be enjoyed until midnight.
    Whether you're a first-time visitor or have been here before, we'll introduce you to the alluring nightlife of Oita that's worth checking out.

    Asuya Hamada (AOI Pro.) / 0:02:00 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

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    【Aomori Prefecture】
    Fall 2022. Haruka Kudo (21), a shy college student from Tsugaru, is struggling with job hunting. One day, while on her way to Tokyo, she reunites with her old friend from job hunting, Aoi Mikami (21). The Tohoku Shinkansen line is suspended all day, and Aoi, seeing Haruka feeling down, forcefully takes her on a local trip using transportation expenses. This is a youth movie that portrays the one-night, two-day escape of Haruka and Aoi, who are struggling with job hunting.

    Yuichiro Fujishiro / 0:23:28 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

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    Kenpokukoukou Takibibu

    【Ibaraki Prefecture】
    The "Bonfire Club," formed by "Moribei" and "Hakase" of Kitakita High School, is a hardcore organization that studies the "benefits of fire to humanity" while experiencing the rich nature and food of the northern Ibaraki prefecture. One day, while discussing a girl they're interested in, the two plan to invite Hinoka Koizumi from the next class to their next camping trip. Will they succeed...?

    This is a wild yet slightly clumsy "youth camping apprenticeship" drama packed with the beauty of the local scenery, townscapes, and local ingredients of the area.

    Eiji Ishii / 0:12:44 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

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    Tensei Misogoroudon

    【Minamishimabara, Nagasaki】
    The man suddenly collapses one day and wakes up to find himself reincarnated as "Miso Gorou" in Nan Shimabara, an alternate world where digital devices like smartphones are prohibited. He meets a girl at a smartphone inspection office run by municipal employees aiming to eradicate the use of digital devices.

    Tatsuya Aoki / 0:24:00 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022

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    Fascinating Fossils

    • Special Screening

    【Mizunami, Gifu】
    Rui Kamado (17 years old), a high school girl who just moved to Mizunami City from the big city, cannot give up her big city ways and is always looking at her smartphone and immersing herself on her social networking accounts. On her way to school, while walking along the river looking at her phone, Rui bumps into something and falls down the riverbank.
    She puts a bandage on her head, tapes up her broken glasses and goes to an extracurricular class at the fossil museum, but she is still looking at her phone and seems bored. On her way home, she realizes that she left her phone at the museum and goes to retrieve it, where she finds a fossil skeleton of a "paleoparadoxia" that is being cleaned.
    From there, Rui has a very strange experience...

    Yusuke Hiza (Creative Studio DADAN) / 0:18:45 / Japan / Branded Movie / 2022





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