SSFF & ASIA 2022 Special Selection 2 - Beyond Reality

SS 2


Venue Schedule Reservation
VenueTOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC ART MUSEUM2022.10.21 [Fri] 13:00 - 14:40
VenueTOKYO PHOTOGRAPHIC ART MUSEUM2022.10.22 [Sat] 15:00 - 16:40
VenueOnline Screening2022.09.29 [Thu] - 2022.10.23 [Sun]
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    Save the Earth! J-WAVE Award

    Present for Future

    Amanda is walking in the forest. She is enjoying the beauty of nature, listening to sounds of stream, jumping around. She finds a rabbit on her way and wants to hold him. Then suddenly...

    Shamir Raiapov / 0:01:00 / Kyrgyzstan / Drama / 2021

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    The 11th Visual Tourism Award, Japan Tourism Agency Commisioner's Award


    Today's travelers follow the path of Iemori Taira that has been passed down to Ukujima, and while thinking about it, they will eventually
    synchronize as they come into contact with a livelihood for life and culture of the people on the island that are still alive
    past and future. It is a journey story that encounters a miracle that "people return to themselves".

    Tekkou Nogami / 0:04:00 / Japan / /

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    Audience Award(Asia International Competition)

    Dark Yellow

    He wonders about her.
    What lies deep inside her?

    Hye-sun Koo / 0:22:14 / Korea / Fantasy / 2021

    mature Mature Content:
    These films may include sexual and/or violent content.

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    Cinematic Tokyo Competition Best Short Award / Governor of Tokyo Award

    Tokyo Rain

    Heavy rain has been hitting the facades of Tokyo. Masahiro is alone in his office. He calls his wife, who doesn’t seem to be excited about her husband’s overtime. He falls asleep on the computer during his monotonous paperwork. He has a nightmare. When he wakes up, nothing seems the way it used to be.

    Michel Wild & Robert Schneider / 0:12:07 / Switzerland / Fantasy / 2021

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    Deloitte Digital Award

    Taking Flight

    Inspire Impossible Stories. Books move the hearts of people all over the world. This is a 100-second story in which various works from Kodansha take off to the world and reach their hearts.

    Juan Cabral / 0:01:40 / Japan / /

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    Cinema Sports Project Special Production Short


    A young blind samurai travels back in time from Balimatsu, the end of the Edo period to fulfill a promise he made to his late best friend in Edo, and together with a young man who is his descendant, they encounter para-swimming in modern Tokyo.

    Hiroki Horanai / 0:24:58 / Japan / Drama / 2022

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    Starring Oscar-nominated actress Amanda Seyfried.


    After Christian secures a job on a secluded farm run by a
    reclusive woman, Serene, he begins to suffer terrible nightmares
    of men trapped inside the bodies of the farm animals.

    Buckling under the burden of these prophetic dreams, Christian
    deteriorates both mentally and physically.

    He grows suspicious of Serene and doubts his own sanity.

    As his senses fail him and darkness sets in, Christian must
    ultimately decide whether to trust his instincts, no matter how
    violent and terrifying...

    Eli Powers / 0:17:20 / United States / Horror / 2022

    mature Mature Content:
    These films may include sexual and/or violent content.


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