VR 360° 6

[1] Hills Café/Space

2018/6/8 - 6/10 Access

Screenig time is here.


2018/6/17 - 6/24  11:00 - 21:00 Access

*Admission is free.
*Only same day ticket is available. (No advance ticket available)


The Future of Music

Greg Barth////

Enter the world of Carré Bleu, an artist and composer who is shaping the music of tomorrow by creating gravity and time defying human instruments. In this surreal pop mockumentary, Carré Bleu opens up about his exclusive music production methods.

No need for language, betrayal

Hiroki Yokoyama/5min/Japan/Drama/

Starring Ami Suzuki. Betrayal chain unfolded in the hotel room. Who is on the side and who is the enemy …

VR Story Seek製作委員会
VR story seek production committee

No need for language, art -Great wave Hokusai-

Takahide Ishii//Japan/Drama/

A great Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai who influenced the great men of the world such as Van Gogh and Debussy! One day, the experiencing person shoots Mt. Fuji in the garden with a casual feeling. "Pashari" But at that moment, Hokusai World has begun ...

VR Story Seek製作委員会
VR story seek production committee

No need for language, from me to you

Yuji Sato(UNIMOTO Inc.)//Japan/Drama/

Put on the VR goggles, enter the virtual reality world and attracted by a young girl. You will follow the girl and go through different worlds. It is a surprising journey of your eyes in which you will also meet up with the rock band “Yellow Studs” and Jazz band “Calmera”.

VR Story Seek製作委員会 / ゲートウエイ株式会社 / 株式会社ユニモト
VR story seek production committee / GATEWAY,inc. / UNIMOTO Inc.

Sea Prayer

Khaled Hosseini/07:04///2017

To commemorate the second anniversary of the tragic death of Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian boy who drowned while attempting to reach Greece in 2015, Khaled Hosseini has written Sea Prayer, an imagined letter in the form of a monologue, from a Syrian father to his son lying asleep on his lap, on the eve making the sea crossing to Europe to seek refuge and safety.