Asia International & Japan 2

LAFORET / 6/13 Wed 17:50-19:40
SHIDAX / 6/16 Sat 11:20-13:10

The Last Entry

Jeanette Aw/24:56/Singapore/Drama/2017

The Last Entry depicts the relationship between mother and daughter, and how their lives are affected when Alzheimer's strikes. This film reflects love, loss, regret and bonds that will never break despite trying moments. Based on a true story.

Dead Run

Daishi Kato/09:46/Japan/Drama/2018

Hana is on the athletic running team. She's furious. To forget about her pent up emotions towards her parents, best friend, and romance, she runs. Her love for running allows her to keep going.


Bikas Neupane/20:52/Nepal/Drama/2017

Lachhamaniya was arranged a marriage at the age of five. Now at twenty, vivacious and curious, she coyly anticipates her nuptials to a man she has never met, even as it might mean abandoning the responsibilities of home and hearth.



On a passenger ship making its way from Taiwan to Ishigaki Island, Okinawa, a young Taiwanese guy (陳彥達) is reading a letter and asks himself “Am I the chosen one?”. This is a heartwarming comedy about Ishigaki Island, the best spot to go stargazing in Japan, and a guy who lacks confidence. After he finds a letter in a bottle by the seashore, his destiny begins.

LAFORET / 6/13 Wed 17:50-19:40
SHIDAX / 6/16 Sat 11:20-13:10