Kaohsiung Film Festival Program from Taiwan

Kaohsiung Film Festival

In our 8th collaboration with Kaohsiung Film Festival, an annual festival held in the second largest city of Taiwan, we deliver an attractive array of short films showcasing new Taiwanese talents.

iTSCOM / 6/22 fri 13:30-15:20


Bang-yao Liu/17'28''/Taiwan/Drama/2017

A mother of two sons, one with piano talent, and one with illness. The talented son's piano recital day is a trip and a task for all of them. A talented piano player, his mom, and ill brother are tested on the way to his recital.


Hui-ju Hsu /30'00''/Taiwan/Drama/2017

Tells through examples of temporary workers, abandoned factory and “help wanted” signs on the walls, in order to reflect the reality of the working class. They are “relics” of the modern industrialization process, cast aside to the empty and barren edge of cities.


Huang Yun-Sian/17'11''/Taiwan/Drama/2016

A mayor forces her poor and sick residents to leave her town. An orphan, Bart, survives by collecting garbage in an abandoned van. One day, she magically brings garbage dolls back to life, which the mayor decides to burn. Lonely and desperate, Bart strikes to avenge.

Man, Monkey, Mannequin

Dan Chi HUANG/19'23''/Taiwan/Drama/2017

San is the owner of an old watch and clock shop that is past its prime. He never leaves his store, until an old friend passed away. San finally decides to go hiking, but ends up with a broken leg. The monkeys in the mountains are making fun of him.

iTSCOM / 6/22 fri 13:30-15:20