International 6

LAFORET / 6/14 thu 11:30-13:10
SHIDAX / 6/15 fri 17:50-19:40
Starring Stephen Dorff ("Blade")
Special Screening

Life Boat

Lorraine Nicholson/18:22/USA/Drama/2017

Six teenagers are led into an intriguing game of survival by their guidance counselor.

Nerd Cave

Mads Reuther/10:45/Denmark/Drama/2017

An avid computer gamer lives with his mom. One day the power fails, and his world collapses. In a desperate attempt to get the power back, his mother tries to reconnect with him.


Pablo Munoz Gomez/14:03/France/Comedy/2017

Santa is a capitalist. He brings toys to the rich kids and sweatshirts to the poor ones.


Dániel Reich/19:50/Hungary/Drama/2017

Gilla suddenly disappears while swimming in the water. With the help of a local investigator they keep looking for her.

Silence Please

Carlos Villafaina/17:03/Spain/Drama/2017

Dani is a young neighborhood guy from a humble house. He lives with his mother and brother, Javier, who suffers from cerebral palsy. Javier is working on an internship in the neighborhood library, but a little incident disrupts the family routine.

LAFORET / 6/14 thu 11:30-13:10
SHIDAX / 6/15 fri 17:50-19:40