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SPACE O / 6/8 fri 17:50-19:40
iTSCOM / 6/23 sat 13:30-15:20

Lost & Found

Naomi Iwamoto/24:41/USA/Non-Fiction/2017

Woven together with in-depth interviews, observational scenes, and archival family photos, LOST & FOUND offers a profound portrait of senior widowhood, exploring the delicate question of what happens after losing that person you thought you could never live without.


Catherine Lee/17:40/South Korea, USA/Non-Fiction/2017

Hyungjoon Won, a Juilliard-trained violinist, is closer than ever to realizing his pursuit of the last seven years: a joint concert by North and South Korea. Due to prohibitions in cross-border movement, musicians from the two sides would straddle the 38th Parallel, the most militarized border in the world.

Digital Immigrants

Dennis Stauffer, Norbert Kottmann/21:26/Switzerland/Non-Fiction/2016

1984 – The home computer arrives in our living rooms and overruns a whole generation.
Only those who master the new technology have a future. The computer splits society into “Digital Natives” and “Digital Immigrants”.

2016 – A group of senior citizens are trying to adapt to the speed of computerization in
order to find their place in the digital age. Their problem is ours: How long can we keep up
with the rapid development?

Supervised by Director Katsuyuki Motohiro.
Special Screening


Yokichi Osato/19:35/Japan/Non-Fiction/2018

SETOUCHI is a gentle inland sea located in the center of Japan. According to the myth, it is the birthplace of Japan and a sea where people and culture come and go continuously. However, it also has a negative legacy from modernization. The film depicts a wish for peace and introduces SETOUCHI to the world.
"Beyond the Borders - Tide"
(c)Lin Shuen Long

SPACE O / 6/8 fri 17:50-19:40
iTSCOM / 6/23 sat 13:30-15:20