Fashion Shorts Program

SPACE O / 6/8 Fri 20:00-21:50
LAFORET / 6/13 Wed 20:00-21:50

Harvest Moon

Emanuele Della Valle/15:00/Italy/TOD'S/2017

A love story as lived by true travellers, between Valeria Bilello and Gwilym Lee, with the picturesque island as background.


Emma Nichols/02:23/UK/Awya/2017

Garments that were once considered conservative have given way to a host of cosmopolitan designs that recognize the needs and values of a new generation of Muslim women. We speak to the designers and influencers who are presenting modest-inspired clothing in a new and exciting light.

Not(e) for A Dreamer

Enrico Poli/07:21/Italy/M O N O – Y/2018

“If spring belongs to the senses, the end of summer belongs to reason. I fall somewhere in between.”

Elle Fanning's Fan Fantasy

Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman/01:59/USA/VOGUE/2017

To mark the actress’s first-ever Vogue cover, this project reimagines the rising star in a multitude of scenarios, from Elle Fanning fanning a rock to Elle Fanning fanning The Rock.

The Secret Life of Flowers

Baz Lurhmann/04:09/UK/H&M/2017

A young man takes his boyfriend home to visit a mysterious place where it's "always spring."

The Magic Kingdom

Bruno Miotto/02:55/Italy/Sergio Rossi/2016

THE MAGIC KINGDOM is an enchanting modern day fairy tale that celebrates the art of Sergio Rossi's shoe-making, focusing on the different steps of the creative process, from the vision and sketches to the final product.


Sophie Edelstein/5:07/UK/Smythson/2017

"Journey To The Wild Side" follows an inquisitive tourist, played by Phoebe Tonkin, who has come to London for the first time to visit Buckingham Palace. However, finding the Palace proves to be not quite as easy as she first thought.


Benjamin Millepied/6:37/アメリカ/rag & bone/2018

A visual story about perspective and points of view.

Eye For An Eye

Marco Prestini/04:08/USA/GUCCI/2016

Once the party is over, Lilah and Echo decide to visit their once best friend, Claire, who just celebrated her birthday with her new boyfriend, Julian, to hand over a little present.

Tender Stories Nº7

Victor Carrey/03:39/Spain/Tous/2017

This story is about the beginning of a relationship. A romantic comedy between Rebecca, a beautiful captivating woman, and Jack, a charismatic man who can be endearingly goofy when it comes to romance.

SPACE O / 6/8 Fri 20:00-21:50
LAFORET / 6/13 Wed 20:00-21:50