Asia International & Japan 8

LAFORET / 6/14 Thu 13:30-15:20
SHIDAX / 6/16 Sat 15:40-17:30


Yuma Terada/23:00/Japan/Drama/2017

A young man, Bu Seok Kim, has a string of bad luck, loses his future, and decides to kill himself. A lonely middle-aged man, Toshihumi Kurosawa, has a daughter but he is too ashamed to see her. They seem to have dropped out of society. A story about two cowards meeting each other who end up finding their way of life.

Life in Other Words

Abrar Athar/15:43/Bangladesh/Comedy/2017

When the ill tempered Mr. Kabir and the rest of his family are having an extraordinarily terrible day, a game of cricket stands as their only hope of coming together.

Has your senior relative ever asked you that "have you got a lover yet??"

Suebboon Kaewpaluek/09:58/Thailand/Comedy/2017

At the family dining table "Tarn", a college girl, was annoyed by "Pom", her single auntie, who was trying to find the way to join the group chat in order to be part of the family again.

Benjamin's Last Day At Katong Swimming Complex

Yee Wei Chai/15:19/Singapore/Drama/2017

Benjamin rushes to Katong Swimming Complex when he finds out that it will be demolished. Wistful memories about his childhood comes crashing back as he dreams about recapturing some of the past’s magic.

A Can of Peach

Shinya Kawakami/09:44/Japan/Drama/2018

Yuichi is a photographer. He is preparing for his trip to shoot whales at the North Pole. Sachiko, his girlfriend, is helping him prepare. Sachiko gets angry when Yuichi tells a bad joke about him eating the peach can in case of an emergency. But later on...

LAFORET / 6/14 Thu 13:30-15:20
SHIDAX / 6/16 Sat 15:40-17:30