Cinematic Tokyo Program

LAFORET / 6/16 Sat 15:40-17:30
ITSCOM / 6/24 Sun 11:20-13:10

Tokyo AuguFesta

Hiroki Sato/03:23/Japan/Music Video/2018

Bon Festival dance, Awa dance, Yosakoi, Tokyo, summer. These are quite different but harmonized to WA (Japanese Culture) with EDM and launch festival in Tokyo to the world.


Pierre-Jean Giloux/11:04/France, Japan/Video Art/2015

In the 60's, the Metabolists, a group of Japanese urban planners and architects located in Tokyo had the same vision: build the city of the future.


Hiroki Horanai/24:54/Japan/Fiction/2017

It has been announced that a comet will crash in Tokyo a year from today. Sho's school is evacuated and he hitchhikes to go help his big brother, Sora, in Tokyo.

0711 Tokyo

Frederike Glemser/04:50/Germany/Animation/2018

0711 Tokyo is set in the german city Stuttgart. Triggered by a mailbox message from her Grandma a girl starts to remember her former hometown Tokyo. While walking the streets of Stuttgart the two cities start to merge and form a beautiful yet melancholic place full of memories and foreign sounds from Tokyo.

Johnny Jeana - Portait of a Tokyo Rockabilly

James Partridge/07:09/UK/Documentary/2016

One of the last of Tokyo’s Rockabillys, Johnny Jeana keeps 50s American alive in the heart of Tokyo. In this film, we delve into Japan’s Rockabilly culture and Johnny’s dreams of superstardom.


Hironori Kujiraoka/03:50/Japan/Drama/2017

A young couple in love, live in Izu Ooshima. However, they know they can’t be together forever. In search of a job and dreams of the big city, she leaves the island. Although she is excited, she feels lonely and anxious in the bustle of the city until she finds the lover she used to be with.

My Secret Tokyo

Wang Ben/09:59/Japan/Drama/2017

Li has a sorrowful past, and feeling loneliness in the big city of Tokyo. One day, she meets Han from Kaohsiung. Han has feelings of distrust because of an unpleasant experience and Li decides to take her to his “Secret Tokyo”. It’s here that their relationship will change.

Shakespeare in Tokyo

Genevieve Clay-Smith/20:34/Japan/Fiction/2018

An Australian Shakespeare fan with Down Syndrome, sets off on a solo adventure to discover Tokyo in order to get away from his over-bearing older brother. Along the way he uses his knowledge of the Bard, his sketchbook and his wits to win the hearts of the people he meets.

LAFORET / 6/16 Sat 15:40-17:30
ITSCOM / 6/24 Sun 11:20-13:10