KIDS Program

A program featuring short films suitable for children under 6 years old. Centered on non-dialogue works, this is a program that will draw both adults and children in. You are sure to be left with lots to talk about with your child after watching.

ITSCOM / 6/22 Fri 15:40-17:30
ITSCOM / 6/23 Sat 11:20-13:10
ITSCOM / 6/24 Sun 13:30-15:20


Toshiko Hata/08:00/Japan/Animation/2017

FILL is a film fairy who lives alone in ruins. She looks lonely. One day, a projector shows up in front of her, and suddenly old films appear among the sound of rolling film. FILL is roped into the screen by a film seed named Moo, and the journey of FILL and Moo begins. FILL and Moo is a short clay animation made for children around the world.

Fruits Of Clouds

Kateřina Karhánková/10:29/Czech Republic/Animation/2017

A little tuft makes a great discovery through overcoming its fear of the unknown.

Boxi: In the nature

Béla Klingl/04:19/Hungary/Animation/2016

The strange story of Boxi, the cardboard dog, and Cartommy, the cardboard boy, who come to life in the imaginery world of a child, built from household waste. All characters in the series can actually be cut and folded from paper.

Two Balloons

Mark Smith/09:08/USA/Animation/2017

Two travelers return to a place crossed by stars and clouds where love is at the beginning of everything.

Mr. Night Has a Day Off

Ignas Meilunas/02:00/France/Animation/2016

Why is the night changing the day? Well, when you don't like something, you change it.


Dylan Caillé, Yoann Lemoine, Titouan Le Ny, Antoine Perrichon, Hippolyte Pitoiset/06:35/France/Animation/2017

Bobby, a young space guardian, is finally assigned to an exceptional mission. This clumsy hero is going to have to face his fears in order to avoid catastrophe.

Two Trams

Svetlana Andrianova/10:00/Russia/Animation/2016

Two city trams, Klick and Tram, leave their camp every morning.

Belly Flop

Jeremy Collins & Kelly Dillon/04:52/South Africa/Animation/2017

Persistence pays off when an unashamed young girl learning to dive is unperturbed by a
talented diver who steals the spotlight.

Lost Property

Åsa Lucander/6:14/UK/Animation/2014

An old man works in a Lost property Office. Every day an old lady comes into the Office presenting an item she’s lost and everyday he tries to help her find it. After searching a series of enchanted rooms she eventually finds much more than she ever hoped for.

Lemon & Elderflower

Ilenia Cotardo/02:41/UK/Animation/2017

A slapstick animation made to entertain young audiences by showing the gags of two little sibling hummingbirds, Lemon and Elderflower. The protagonists, whose wings are too little to be able to fly, can't migrate with the other birds. During the story, the siblings build different inventions, in order to find the right way to take flight.

ITSCOM / 6/22 Fri 15:40-17:30
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