We celebrate our anniversary with this program which includes films of past winners, and of directors and celebrities who support our festival. The program features films directed by our 20-year-long supporter George Lucas, jury member of the 2017 edition Nobuhiko Obayashi, and many more.

SPACE O / 6/7 thu 17:50-19:40
iTSCOM / 6/23 sat 20:00-21:50

Next Floor

Denis Villeneuve /11:34/Quebec, Canada/Fantasy/2008

During an opulent and luxurious banquet, 11 pampered quests participate in what appears to be a ritualistic gastronomic carnage. In this absurd and grotesque universe, an unexpected sequence of events destabilizes the endless symphony of abundance.

Blouse (Jam Films S)

Hitoshi Ishikawa/17:45/Japan/Drama/2004

A man (Ren OSUGI) has been running a small dry-cleaning business for many years. One summer day, a beautiful young woman (KOYUKI), enters the shop and asks him if he can get a spot of red wine out of her white blouse. He treats the blouse with great care and returns it to her spotless, as white as it used to be. For the next three years, the lady continues to the dry cleaner, each time with the same blouse, and each time he handles the blouse with great care and affection. And finally, one day, he decides to take action...
(c)2004 Jam Films S Film Partners


Jay Chern/25:00/Taiwan/Drama/2011

Jenny receives a new cellphone from her boyfriend, but as they stroll through the streets of Taipei he’s called back to work. Whilst waiting for him in a nearby night market she is unknowingly followed by a young woman who steals her phone and breaks into it.

Complexe=binetsuo hari aruiwa kanashii jozetsu warutsuni notte souretsuno sanpomichi

Nobuhiko Obayashi/14:00/Japan/Experimental/1964

This film was submitted to the 60 Second Film Festival, which was the first event at Kinokuniya Hall. The film was shot in Soshigaya Okura and Seijo Gakuen and stars Yoshiyuki Oka, an avant-garde painter, who is seen running past daily sceneries in pixilation. The long title consists of four main key words: “Complexe”, “gloomily talkative=kanashii jozetsu” which depicts various sense of values, “Funeral procession” - which likens the previous elements to a waltz, moving at a similar rhythm and representing the idea that people in the film can disappear as time passes. The last key word “walking path” indicates that the full idea is not necessarily negative.

Puppies For Sale

Ron Krauss/8:40/USA/Drama/1998

A boy enters a pet shop intending to buy a dog with a hip problem. The shop owner tries to convince him not to but the boy has other ideas.

SPACE O / 6/7 thu 17:50-19:40
iTSCOM / 6/23 sat 20:00-21:50