Asia International & Japan 6

SHIDAX / 6/13 Wed 17:50-19:40
LAFORET / 6/17 Sun 11:20-13:10
Starring Masaya Kato, Naoko Iijima


TEAM HERMITAGE/16:17/Japan/Drama/2018

Forbidden to see each other, a couple is reunited. A car accident renders them blind and mute, making them believe that it was impossible for them to find each other again. Toshiya fills his time up with prostitutes. One day a girl appears, who looks exactly like her.


Yoo-kyung Cha/09:39/South Korea/Animation/2017

A child wants to make friends of her own age. But it is not as easy as she thought.


Moore Thit Sett Htoon/23:00/Myanmar/Documentary/2017

Water of the Lake, In itself serene and calm. But when something stirs and shakes ripples and waves awaken for a moment not so great, brief as a click of the tongue. And then . . . The water is once again calm until it dried up from the lake.


kenji qurata/24:58/Japan/Comedy/2017

Yoko wishes to become the “bad kid” but she is trapped in her little book store. One day, she falls in love with a phrase written by a novelist, and starts to plan a very innocent and mindless crime, which becomes an everyday prank towards a joyful life.

SHIDAX / 6/13 Wed 17:50-19:40
LAFORET / 6/17 Sun 11:20-13:10