French Film Festival 2018~ Short Film Selection

A short film program by the French Film Festival Yokohama, a 4-day long festival starting from June 21st. We are proud to present the world of French short films, from 1961 Godard to current new talents.

SPACE O / 6/9 Sat 15:40-17:30
ITSCOM 6/22 Fri 17:50-19:40

Charlotte and Her Boyfriend

Jean-Luc Godard/13:00/France/Drama/1958

The voice of Jean-Luc Godard replaces that of Jean-Paul Belmondo for a playful, ironic monologue in which Charlotte visits her ex-boyfriend, a young student. He won’t let her get a word in edgewise, rattling on about love and cinema, explaining why he knew she would come back. But it turns out that she just came to pick up her toothbrush.

I'm Cold Meat

Romain Laguna/18:19/France/Drama/2017

It's the day before a gig for Melan, Selas and Abrazif. The three rappers argue over a poster, Nintendo and cold pizza.

5 Years After the War

Derin SealeSamuel Albaric&Martin Wiklund&Ulysse Lefort/16:38/France/Documentary, Animation/2017

How does one grow up between an absent Iraqi father and a pervasive Jewish mother? Tossed around by the great upheavals of the modern times, Tim tries as hard as he can to find his place in the world.


Cédric Prévost/18:01/France/Comedy/2016

Alexander, a 35-year old yuppie, who has just been rejected by a girl he fancies, has his phone and wallet stolen when he is challenged by a street gang in Paris one night. Surprisingly this encounter with his attackers leads to an unexpected turn of Events…

Chasse Royale

Romane Gueret & Lise Akoka/28:24/France/Drama/2016

Angélique, 13, lives with her many brothers and sisters, in the suburb of Valenciennes. This day, at school, she is offered to audition for a film.

SPACE O / 6/9 Sat 15:40-17:30
ITSCOM 6/22 Fri 17:50-19:40